• Strange Practices Done by our Ancestors

    Dec 23

    Our ancestors tended to do things a bit different than is done today. Here are a few examples. They would be good to include with your family history. In the Middle Ages in Europe people slept at two different times. First, they went to bed at sunset until midnight. Then got up to do things around the house or visit with neighbors for 2 to 3 hours...


  • The Third Eye Kiss

    Dec 19

    You have all had that experience, a nice kiss on your forehead by a family member, either as a greeting, act of kindness or goodbye. But did you know about its history? It is referred to as 'the third eye kiss' placed just above a person's eyebrows in the center of the forehead. It can be much more intimate because you are reaching out to the very...


  • Scandalized Dances of the 1910s

    Dec 15

    One thinks the dances of the 1990s to the present have been a bit outrageous but there was a time in the early 1910s when a whole series of dances spread across the nation. Some considered more scandalous than the dancing of the Roaring Twenties. In the 1910s, a long-forgotten dance craze known as 'animal dances' were very popular. These dances em...


  • Spark Your Family’s Interest

    Dec 3

    Generally, it is one or two members of a generation who are interested in doing the research and documentation of your ancestors. Yet the fun aspect is sharing your findings. Most of your relatives might not be interested in your research process, successes and failures. Instead, letting them know the great stories of your ancestors will capture t...


  • AKA – Nicknames

    Nov 27

    This is such a popular item in families today and has been for a number of decades, but not for forever. AKA – "Also known as", was used to introduce pseudonyms, aliases, nicknames, working names, legalized names, pen names, and maiden names. Now nicknames have really grown to be very popular. You need one as a Password online or video gaming....


  • Finding Other Family Members

    Nov 25

    One of the greatest assets for adding to your family history is locating any previously unknown family members – such as distant cousins. They just might be able to provide some information, documents, or photos previously unknown to you. It was common practice decades ago to communicate with all of one's family branches – share photos, send p...


  • How Much Do You Look Like an Ancestor ?

    Nov 21

    If you have studied some of the family photos from any time frame notice a striking similarity with a living relative. Your niece, a sister, uncle etc living today could very well look like a great-grandmother, a great uncle, or 2nd cousin. After all, it is in the genes one's characteristics. Some of the similar appears could be their physical fe...


  • Re-enacting Family Photos

    Nov 19

    What an opportunity and such a fun thing to do. Look back over the photos that were taken with you and your siblings — or with cousins or friends — really brings all of those memories back. It kind of makes you want to return to that very moment in time, doesn’t it? SO why not recreate that moment? True you are the same ages when the photo w...


  • 1940s – New York City

    Nov 15

    If you lived or an ancestor lived in the different boroughs of New York City in the 1940s, you will want to look over the collection just placed by New York City Municipal Archives Online Gallery with over 900,000 images of places in the city. Most are photo images, other videos, maps, and audio recordings. Boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manha...


  • Surnames

    Nov 13

    One's family names / surnames are always interesting to research. Not only learning the origins of a surname, its original spellings or variations but especially if there were any notable or famous individuals who shared that surname in their ancestral lineage. Using the online 'Master Surname List' by Famous Kin site there might quite of few wh...