• Halloween Canceled Due to Spanish Flu

    Oct 13

    Americans today, 2020, saw the same problem of our ancestors in 1918 about having to balance a desire for fun at Halloween with the risk of catching and spreading a deadly disease. Shows history does repeat itself. Many locations across the United States today recommend against trick-or-treating and bans against haunted houses, festivals a...


  • Global Climate Changed for Your Ancestors

    Oct 11

    It is not just the 21st century that people have had to worry over global climates changes. Our ancestors within the last 200 years faced some major climate problems. Two major events happened, both in the island nation of Indonesia in the South Pacific that would affect the climate around the world. First was Mount Tambora, also called M...


  • Early Censuses – 1790-1840

    Oct 9

    That is fifty years of Federal censuses that provide the rich resources of information found in the census done beginning in 1850 and beyond. Yet, there is still a good deal to learn from those censuses. The first one done in August 1790 is great to go over, hopefully, you had ancestors living in the new United States then. The census mar...


  • Georgetown Headstones – White / Black

    Oct 7

    Within the District of Columbia is a neighborhood with homes and commercial businesses, known a Georgetown, founded in 1751, when it was part of the colony of Maryland. A tobacco trading post with an inspection house for tobacco was built there and a small community developed. The inspection house was built by George Gordon who had land ther...


  • Late 1800s- Collecting Fine China to Preserve Heritage

    Oct 5

    After the American Civil War ended in 1865, and into the 1870s to 1890s, things were changing for our ancestors. Many more immigrants were arriving, industry was expanding, and America celebrated their 100th anniversary in 1876, so many people were looking back at their heritage especially if their ancestors had lived in the colonial era or d...


  • Maryland Death Certificates – 1898-1910

    Sep 29

    If you have any ancestors who may have died in Maryland and the death certificate record is available online. This online site begins May 1898 and not as many were done prior to 1898. It is interesting to learn what an ancestor died of. Plus it is a good way to see the correct spelling of a name, a close relative or their age at death. ...


  • Slang Over the Decades – 20th Century

    Sep 27

    During the 20th century the various slang words have changed as the American culture and society have changed. Slang words are words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people. In the 1920s: Ritzy was something very fa...


  • Reasons Ancestors Left Their Native Homeland

    Sep 25

    It is a very good item, ancestral homelands, you should try to figure out for your family history. Leaving not only family homeland, but leaving everything behind including other family members was never an easy decision. So here are a few suggestions for the reason why different groups left to come to America. Those from Ireland...


  • States’ Death Certificates

    Sep 23

    It is good to have bookmarked the up-to-date online digitized death certificates, death records or death ledgers from the various states. Some of the databases are free, some are fee-based. Each state is different on which time frames for death certificates they will allow online. You will find some like Massachusetts covers 1841 to 1915, p...


  • Life and Experiences of the 1910s

    Sep 21

    The decade of the 1910s was such a transition time in America. New inventions were starting to appear in communities and homes, slowing. It would be a decade of a world war and of a global pandemic. Here are a few items and events to make sure you place in the family history for ancestors who lived during the 1910s. For me it was my gran...