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  • Difference in Names

    Jan 27

    As you have gone through searching for your ancestors you may have come across a common middle or first name repeated over several generations. Or even a given name not at all familiar or on any branch of the family tree. Many times there is a reason for some of these strange occurrences. First, it was a common practice that babies were named afte...


  • Useful Ideas when Searching on Google

    Jan 25

    Google is a great search engine for finding just about anything, but not necessarily your family tree. However, here are a few ideas to improve your chances of finding more about a hometown, a business or an ancestor using Google. First, narrow the search. Place quote marks (") around the names or keywords you are searching. If it is a person's na...


  • Ohio Memory

    Jan 21

    The state of Ohio, once part of the northwest territory, has a rich and long history. You could have had several ancestors who at one time lived in Ohio, so it is worthwhile to investigate the free online site, Ohio Memory. Some of the items available on the site include photographs, manuscripts, letters, historical artifacts, videos, and newspape...


  • Inauguration Dates and Your Ancestors

    Jan 20

    With the inauguration date of January 20, 2017, it might be interesting to note the previous dates of presidential inaugurations and include it with your family history. Place the president and the date with the appropriate family members time frame. If really interested you might see if any ancestor may have attended an inauguration b...


  • Investigate 1880 US Federal Census

    Jan 19

    If any ancestors on your family tree lived any part of their life in the United States (including territories) in the month of June 1880, you need to make sure you have completely examined all the questions asked on that census. It is a wealth of information. The US President in 1880 was Rutherford Hayes. Especially since the next census done in 18...


  • A Great Winter Project

    Jan 17

    Many areas across the country or in other nations have a thick blanket of ice and snow during this time of year. To avoid having to get out in such conditions, this is a perfect time to start a really worthwhile project. Besides gathering the names, dates and basic information on relatives on your family tree, how about taking a different perspect...


  • – NOT

    Jan 15

    There has been a good deal of information in newspapers, online and the television about and its publishing public information about individuals. This site is NOT (which has been online since 2010). Two different online genealogical sites. The FamilyTreeNow has been providing information (names, addresses, etc) for...


  • Ways to Grow Your Family History

    Jan 9

    The way to grow your family tree is to do more genealogy research. Most genealogists have at least some success with this task. If you hit a “brick wall”, you can seek help from other genealogists. Growing your family history is not as straightforward because it relies on entirely different resources than genealogy work does. Here are some ways...


  • The Crinolinemania Craze

    Jan 7

    Yes, there were many crazes (fads) even in the 19th century, termed the Victorian Era. It was Queen Victoria of England, who took the throne in 1837, ushering in the Victorian period. Crinolines (lighter hoop skirts) were patented in the late 1850s, and quickly gained widespread popularity. The Victorian Era ended in 1901, at which point the thro...


  • Basic Vital Records Needed

    Dec 29

    For the upcoming new year, you might of thought of doing a full out effort to work on your family history. That is a great idea!! You might have started or had handed to you what someone earlier in the family had done, but now is your chance to achieve a good working and expanded knowledge of your ancestors. The key is to make sure you have four o...