• Great Book Scare – 140 Years Ago

    Oct 13

    It sounds a bit like something just before Halloween but instead was truly a major event not just in 1879 but lasting well into the 1880s and 1890s. Your ancestors, especially if they lived in a larger town or city may have been directly affected. If their hometown had a public library and your ancestors liked to read the borrowed books, th...


  • Published USA Newspaper Obituaries from other Countries

    Oct 9

    Yes, that sounds a bit unusual but American newspapers because of large local ethnic local population found it profitable to publish obituaries on individuals who lived and died in another country. A good example was Boston, Mass., who had a large Irish population in the mid-to-late 1800s. They have a listing of those who died in Ireland, e...


  • Oct 6 – German-American Day

    Oct 5

    This day of German American day has officially been part of the National Calendar since 1987, when President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5719 declaring October 6th to officially be known as German American Day. There are approximately 58 million people can claim German ancestry in the United States today. It was October 6, 1683 that ...


  • Preserving Newspaper Clippings

    Oct 1

    We all have newspaper clippings handed down in the family – article of weddings, obituaries, unusual happening or social events. They can be just small cut-outs, one small article but important to your family history. Unfortunately, news print paper may not last forever. Many families placed such an article in the family Bible and it h...


  • Love Note Day

    Sep 25

    On Thursday, September 26th, is 'Love Note Day'. A day to tell someone you love them, by writing a message of love in the form of a note. Though the traditional way of doing this is in handwritten form, yet today digital emails are another way of sending out a love message on this particular day. This day can be at its most effective w...


  • An Ancestor’s Unique Talent

    Sep 23

    Having the family tree with a listing of each branches' names, dates and locations is a good way to organize the basic information. Yet, these ancestors were real people with real living lives and most importantly, each had at least one unique skill, talent, special interest or ability. Those unique items may not have made them famous or we...


  • Need Motivation—Reasons to Do Your Family History

    Sep 21

    Genealogy can be a hobby, a curiosity or something much more – and there are lots of reasons why people decide to investigate their own histories and ancestors. Here are a few motivational ideas. There might be a distribution of an ancestor's estate in the future and you may need to prove lineage. Anniversaries of major historical ...


  • 15,273,703 Pages of Vintage US Newspapers

    Sep 19

    Thanks to the Library of Congress online site 'Chronicling America' it has been making millions of American newspapers in a digital format covering a span of 1789 to 1963. More continue to be added with the number of digital pages at 15.2 million. It is such a great resource, for not just looking up any personal articles or obituaries on your...


  • New York Employment Cards 1840-1966

    Sep 17

    Such an interesting collection of the state of New York's employment cards covering 1840 to 1966 plus peddlers' licenses from the NY State Archives. This search-able database is newly added to A good start with any names of relatives who may have worked at a State of New York job (hospitals, schools, public health, publi...


  • Double Beds vs Twin Beds

    Sep 15

    Here is an idea most people have not thought about and how it affected their ancestors. Did a husband-wife relative sleep in a double-size bed or two twin / single-sized beds? For years, decades ago, most slept in a double bed. The vintage four-poster bed I inherited from my 3rd great grandmother, made by her father for her wedding in 1849...