• Ideas to Assist in Finding Ancestors

    Jan 29

    1. Ancestors may have used middle names. Check all various forms of given names and see if there were nicknames such 'Dick' for Richard in your search. 2. Check the mother’s maiden name, not everyone was born in wedlock. An ancestor may have used their mother's name only. 3. Perhaps your ancestor simply moved. Always try searching in a neighb...


  • Search North Carolina Vintage Newspapers

    Jan 27

    If you have any ancestors who lived or passed through North Carolina you are in luck. The 'DigitalNC' site has a very full collection in digital format of newspapers from across North Carolina. What makes this unique, it has newspapers from small towns to larger cities but also from Student Newspapers. Those student papers include many high school,...


  • Plotting the Direct Longevity of Your Ancestors

    Jan 23

    The following is a great idea to add your your family history, the longevity of your ancestors. Basically, an analysis to get a feel for the overall pattern of lifespan in a family going back two or three or more generations. Begin with your parents, if still living, then start with your four grandparents. You have to know when they were born and...


  • Birth to Death and the Dash in Between

    Jan 21

    The following poem by Linda Ellis provides insight to the placement of a dash between a birth and death dates. “For that dash represents all the time“ that they spent alive on earth. And now only those who loved them know what that little line is worth.” This is the reason families need the family tree, the family lineage and not just t...


  • Beginning of the Consumer Age

    Jan 13

    Today we think we are the members in good standing of the 'consumer age' but rather it started back with many of your ancestors, grandparents, great aunts and uncles, in the Roaring 1920s. The 1920s were an age of dramatic social and political change. For the first time, more Americans lived in cities than on farms. The nation's total wealth more t...


  • American Revolutionary Rolls 1775-1783

    Dec 7

    Using the free to use 'FamilySearch' online you can investigate if you had any ancestors who were listed on available American Revolutionary Military Rolls covering 1775 to 1783. The collection consists of images of muster rolls, payrolls, strength returns, and other personnel, pay, and supply records of the American Army during the Revolutionary W...


  • Spice Up Your Family Tree with Historical Events

    Dec 5

    Each branch of ancestors on your family tree lived during a certain time frame or era in American History or of other nations in the world. They may or may not have been affected by each historical events (weather, wars, economic depression, elections, etc) but you can do some research to better learn of what events happened during their life. The...


  • Help Give Back

    Dec 3

    There are so many artifacts, documents, journals, and photos you would love to add to your family tree. Even if you can not locate all for your family branches, how about giving back a bit, and help reunited a family heirloom to its rightful family. Probably millions of “lost” family items are out there, waiting to be found in flea markets, ...


  • Female Ancestors Wearing Trousers

    Dec 1

    Now that just might an area about your female ancestors you never thought to investigate. Were they ever part of the daring females who wanted a bit more 'freedom' to wear what they wanted? Whether it were bloomers, trousers, knickerbockers, slacks, pants or trouser skirts. The online site 'Women in Trousers' still in development gives you enough ...


  • Sources for Ancestors in Military Service

    Nov 29

    A big addition to any family tree is finding an ancestor who serviced in the U. S. Military. It may not have been during any war, many men entered the service because it provide any income and skills. The following sources may be of assistance in your quest for military ancestors. First, ask any living relativ...


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