• Head West Young Man

    Feb 25

    That is exactly what many of our ancestors did during the 19th century, left their traditional hometowns along the east coast or the Great Lakes area to travel to a new, mostly uncharted part of the country - the far west. It was a way to start fresh for many individuals and families. The covered wagons were the main source of transportation in the...


  • Major Weather or Other Disasters

    Feb 23

    Your ancestors could well have been directly or even indirectly affected by some of the noted weather or other disasters to strike any region of the United States. With those having ancestors in America during the 1800s, here are a few of such disasters. The cholera epidemic of 1832 killed thousands of people in Europe and North America and create...


  • Finds on eBay

    Feb 21

    So true, all types of photos, booklets, journals, letters, receipts, etc can be found up for auction or 'buy now' on eBay (an online auction site). People from around the globe can place items they have owned or just acquired (such as yard sales, second-hand stores, thrift shops etc.). It is truly amazing what can be found. Of course, you have t...


  • 100th Anniversaries

    Feb 19

    Whenever a hundredth anniversary of any historic event is approaching, that is the time to be a part of it to learn how an ancestor was part of it. An example is that 2018 in November, will mark the end of 'The Great War' (World War One) - 1914-1918. The United States entered the war in April 1917 and it truly affected individuals and families all ...


  • Andersonville Prison and Others of the Civil War

    Feb 11

    The site (free to use) of some of the Civil War prisoners is a searchable database of Union prisoners interned at Andersonville Prison (also known as Camp Sumter) and Cahaba Prison, as well as the Union prisoners on the Sultana streamboat. It is estimated that some 12,000 Union soldiers died while in the prison of Andersonville. You might have an ...


  • Valentine and Other Vintage Postcards

    Feb 9

    Our ancestors used postcards like people today use email and Facebook to communicate with friends and family. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, those type of postcards were the most popular to exchange, send and give. Using the online site of 'Postcard Tree' has a vast collection of vintage postcards of all types and most with messages...


  • Illnesses of Long Ago

    Feb 7

    As is known, terms for certain items change over time. This is especially true for health and medical conditions. If you come across a listing of a illness / sickness an ancestor suffered from or one they died from, you will want to know what the present-day name is. There are some really strange names for illnesses or medical conditions known by ...


  • Finding the Good and Bad in Newspapers

    Feb 5

    Using hometown or neighboring town's newspapers can provide a treasure chest of information which you might or otherwise wish you never knew. There are several newspaper subscription databases, just make sure they have the hometown, home county or at least neighboring towns and counties where your ancestors lived. Here is a library guide to many of...


  • Ideas to Assist in Finding Ancestors

    Jan 29

    1. Ancestors may have used middle names. Check all various forms of given names and see if there were nicknames such 'Dick' for Richard in your search. 2. Check the mother’s maiden name, not everyone was born in wedlock. An ancestor may have used their mother's name only. 3. Perhaps your ancestor simply moved. Always try searching in a neighb...


  • Search North Carolina Vintage Newspapers

    Jan 27

    If you have any ancestors who lived or passed through North Carolina you are in luck. The 'DigitalNC' site has a very full collection in digital format of newspapers from across North Carolina. What makes this unique, it has newspapers from small towns to larger cities but also from Student Newspapers. Those student papers include many high school,...


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