• Telegrams

    Apr 29

    Due to the loss of his wife in 1825 when he was away and there was no quick method of informing Samuel Morse of his wife's death, he vowed to develop a means of communication that was faster than a letter. He would on the concept and developed the telegraph between 1830s to 1840s. Beside a better means of communication, there was a whole new occupa...


  • Collection of News Articles

    Apr 25

    Always an excellent resource in compiling your family history is the use of local hometown newspaper articles. It can be a short one sentence on a family member visiting friends or an engagement, military service, etc That is it … you never know what might be found. One individual whose service in the military during World War One I was research...


  • Descendant of Pocahontas?

    Apr 23

    You just might be part of some of the 100,000 people who claim to be descendants of Pocahontas through the Thomas Rolfe bloodline. Pocahontas, a Native Indian, was born about 1596 in what would later be the Virginia colony of Jamestown. She is the main character in the story of saving Jamestown citizen John Smith from being killed by her father, Ch...


  • Hair Art

    Apr 21

    Known as 'hair art' it has been a form of art that began in the 16th century or earlier, and flourished in the Victorian era (1800s). It was used by people wanting to keep a memento of a loved one before the invention of photography. Hair art originated in England and France and then made its way to the United States. This form of art can take the ...


  • Writing Ideas about your Ancestors

    Apr 19

    Trying to write a complete – total family history can be quite a bit. If able to do, go for it, that will be treasured by you, present relatives and future generations. But if doing a full and complete family history is too much now, here are some ideas for some shorter family story ideas. Write about some of the family legends or tales and if y...


  • Bill H. R. 1953 “Hello Girls”

    Apr 17

    There were approximately 223 American ladies who served in France during World War One. They were not nurses but rather a new position, that of a member of the Signal Corps Female Telephone Operators Unit. They were sworn into the U. S. Army Signal Corps. This position was suggested by General John J. Pershing to improve communications during the ...


  • Help to Identify Family Photos

    Apr 11

    Everyone has a collection of vintage family photos with no name, date or location on them. Some of the people pictured may have lived decades before anyone living today was even born. However, to help with some identification here are a couple of ideas. Number one is to check with some of your older living relatives. That includes all branches of ...


  • National Siblings’ Day

    Apr 9

    On Wed., April 10th, across the United States and even overseas, is recognized as 'Siblings' Day'. This special recognition started in 1998. Not just the present siblings you might have now, but also those who have passed away and do not forget to add the siblings of your parents (your aunts-uncles) and siblings of your grandparents. Each and every...


  • Less than Half-an-Hour Tasks

    Apr 7

    Only have a short period of time once or twice a week to work on your family tree? Well, here are a few ideas of quick tasks you may have overlooked. Doing a bit of Google Research on your ancestors could benefit you. In the search box do use quote marks for an ancestor's name or for a hometown with the state name. This helps narrow the search. Use...


  • Changed the Calendar

    Apr 5

    You may have come across some unusual change of dates if you go back far enough. Such a change that you can be impacted as you do your research. This is the calendar change of 1752. The change can certainly cause some confusion even if it did help make corrections in dates and time. In September 1752, eleven whole days were cut from the calendar, ...