• Scottish-American Heritage Month

    Apr 1

    During the month of April, it is recognized in the United States as 'Scottish-American Heritage Month'. Have you located any Scottish ancestors? If you do have Scottish ancestors, you can take pride in their many achievements over the years in the United States, and even those achievements made while in Scotland. Even if you do not have any Scott...


  • The Theme or Twist of Your Family Story

    Mar 29

    Doing your family history is not just gathering names, dates and places. It is truly about the individuals over the decades who would be the basic core of who you are today. If a great grandfather had not moved from Scotland and resettled in Vermont, you would have been born in Scotland and lead a totally different life. Every individual, every fa...


  • Using Flash Drives when Gathering Family Information

    Mar 27

    Those small compact flash drives are very handy. In many public libraries, they have had microfilm rolls of their hometown newspapers. Yet, using that microfilm on the conventional microfilm readers can be very hard. To search for a surname or keyword is even harder. Many libraries have been updating such equipment and the newer microfilm readers...


  • Photos

    Mar 25

    Another often overlooked resource for photos of family members is the Memories. Someone could have posted a vintage photo for their family tree and there just might be a tie-in to your family. Once you are signed in to, you can do a search on your ancestor’s name or surname by clicking on “Find” in the toolb...


  • A Common Family Surname

    Mar 21

    Doing family research if you just happen to have several very common, proliferate surnames can prove to be a challenge. I just came across a not so proliferate individual's given and surname for the 1940s-1960s – that of Walter Ashley – and I just discovered there were two of these gentlemen living within 50 miles of each other and approximatel...


  • School Yearbooks

    Mar 19

    Locating by whatever method a school yearbook on an ancestor can be such a treasure. No matter which it was middle grade, high school or college, it could reveal little known facts about your relative. Using the collection of 324,000 yearbooks and more than 52 million pages you have a good shot of locating one or more ancestors. To he...


  • You Are Not Living Your Grandparents’ Lives

    Mar 17

    As you put together stories and points of interest about your ancestors, especially your grandparents and great grandparents, a good comparison to add were their daily life events that were very common for your ancestors to do that you today have no concept or experience in. It does help future generations see how life has changed and some things ...


  • Ontario, Canada – BMD

    Mar 15

    The newest databases to search from is for Births-Marriages and Deaths in Ontario, Canada. With it being on the northern border with the United States, many individuals on both sides have been in the US and / or Canada, especially in Ontario. Using the subscript-fee site with three important area – births – marriages – deaths, y...


  • Hints to Find a Female’s Maiden Name

    Mar 13

    It can be one of the hardest tasks in doing your family or one of the easiest. It all depends on how much details were added to the following documents. When searching, make sure you completely check for a maiden name using: A marriage certificate or license A death certificate A family Bible record Federal Census records Birth / baptismal re...


  • Mail-Order Brides of Jamestown Colony

    Mar 11

    Not the only time mail-order brides came to a rural, remote area to marry a strange and help populate the settlement. But the English Jamestown Colony in the Virginia Colony was the first in the early English settlement in North America. The colony was established on May 14, 1607, all males came to seek their fortune and a new life in the new worl...