• Holocaust Documents

    Aug 4

    The Arolsen Archives has an extensive collection of Holocaust records which include documentation of those who died during the Holocaust and those who survived. With the end of World War Two in 1945, portions of Germany were divided between a post-war American zone and post-war French, British and Russian zones. The records in the Aro...


  • Sisters Day

    Aug 3

    For all our sisters, this special day, on the first Sunday of August, is for our biological sisters, our half-sisters, our sister-in-laws and those we think as our sister. As you work on your family tree you do want to include all your sisters, your parents' sisters (your aunts) plus any other generations back you can find the names and i...


  • International Beer Day

    Aug 2

    The first Friday of August is reserved as International Beer Day. It is celebrated by people in over 50 nations across the globe. The enjoyment of this drink – BEER – dates back to 6,000 B.C. Over the decades many varieties of beer have been developed. This holiday was started by the Association of California Brewers in 2007. Toda...


  • Images of Tennessee – 1937-1976

    Jul 31

    If you have ancestors from Tennessee or who lived any time in that state, you will want to look over and maybe use some of the vintage photos covering 1937 to 1976 in your family history. This great collection is online and search-able. There are many topics to select from; including buildings, people, historical sites, cities & towns; ind...


  • United Kingdom’s 2021 Census

    Jul 27

    The next USA Federal Census will be Wednesday, April 1, 2020. The year after that will be the United Kingdom's official census to be done Sunday, April 18, 2021. Their every ten-year census have been on 1881, 1891, 1901, 1921, 1931, etc. For the U.K. there will be 8 new questions. There will be questions relating to renewable energy sources...


  • Positive Advantages to Researching Your Ancestors

    Jul 23

    You might have started doing family history for your own personal reasons or because you were asked to do so by a family member. Generally, it is just one or two in a generation willing to do the work of documenting the past relatives and the living ones. That documenting include locating any aspects of an ancestor's life to highlight it...


  • 50th Anniversary – Walk on the Moon

    Jul 20

    With this date, July 20, 2019, it marks the 50th anniversary of man walking on the moon, back on July 20, 1969. With the first American being Neil Armstrong who after 6 hours of landing with Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin in the separate lunar module 'Eagle' on the moon's surface took the first steps on the moon at 10:56 pm. He was known for saying; "That...


  • Cause of a Person’s Death

    Jul 19

    One item you would like to include in your family history is what each ancestor died of (if possible to locate). To help here are some ideas of how and where to look. Start with any family Bibles. Listed would be when a person died but also might be what they died of. Next see if there was an obituary in the hometown newspaper, include...


  • Inherited Traits

    Jul 13

    As most know, especially using now DNA testing, ancestors were from a certain part of the world carried in their genes certain generic traits that could have been inherited by you. Of course, it doesn't mean you're guaranteed to have the same traits common to that region where your ancestors came from. Plus it not just behavioral and physical trai...


  • Did You Think to Find This Information?

    Jul 3

    Not unless someone suggested some of the following ideas of items to research about your ancestors, it may not have occurred to you some of these could prove to be quite fascinating. Use it as check-off list, those you have attempted (whether successful or not) and those you should investigate and see what can be learned. Start with c...