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  • Ways to Grow Your Family History

    Jan 9

    The way to grow your family tree is to do more genealogy research. Most genealogists have at least some success with this task. If you hit a “brick wall”, you can seek help from other genealogists. Growing your family history is not as straightforward because it relies on entirely different resources than genealogy work does. Here are some ways...


  • The Crinolinemania Craze

    Jan 7

    Yes, there were many crazes (fads) even in the 19th century, termed the Victorian Era. It was Queen Victoria of England, who took the throne in 1837, ushering in the Victorian period. Crinolines (lighter hoop skirts) were patented in the late 1850s, and quickly gained widespread popularity. The Victorian Era ended in 1901, at which point the thro...


  • Basic Vital Records Needed

    Dec 29

    For the upcoming new year, you might of thought of doing a full out effort to work on your family history. That is a great idea!! You might have started or had handed to you what someone earlier in the family had done, but now is your chance to achieve a good working and expanded knowledge of your ancestors. The key is to make sure you have four o...


  • Hello Girls

    Dec 13

    The telephone, patented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, would eventually enable people to communicate with each other in all parts of the world, but at first, the few subscribers, mostly the wealthy and businesses, were not sure what to say into the new voice connector. It had been an early practice for a caller to ring a bell, pause and then s...


  • Heirlooms Reunited

    Nov 23

    You may not have in your possession some of your family's heirlooms, but someone might. Of course, check with all your relatives (aunts, grandparents, cousins, etc) and share with them what you have. However, beyond your own family, some heirlooms might be held by people not related. The online site of 'Heirlooms Reunited' tries to match up those ...


  • Reasons to Do the Family History

    Nov 13

    Working on your family tree is not just a list of names and dates but rather serves as a spring board to investigating and finding more out about each individual -- a grandmother, a great uncle or great grandaunt. Each ancestor has a story to share with their descendants. The experiences, adventures, problems, hardships and celebrations helped sha...


  • Veterans’ Records – National Archives

    Nov 11

    The National Archives in Washington, D. C. and its other branches across the nation are closed Friday, Nov. 11th for Veterans Day. However, when it is open, if you have not investigated what records they have you need to start. What you can find there (especially online) include statistics and data relating to the Vietnam War, the Korean War, Worl...


  • National Family Week

    Nov 8

    National Family Week in the United States takes place the week of American Thanksgiving. It was first officially proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan on November 19, 1987. It is also a recognized celebration in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Having this National Family Week is fitting for the Thanksgiving holiday. It did have its real...


  • Suffrage – Postcard Propaganda in 1900

    Nov 8

    In the 21st century we think of social media (Facebook & Twitter) for sharing one's ideas and opinions with other people. Yet this is not a new concept. Back between 1900 and 1914 there was another method that was quite popular for our great grandparents to express their feelings and attitudes toward the hot topic of those years - Women's Suffr...


  • App Sees if Related to Famous People

    Nov 7

    Just for FUN ... has an APP out titled 'We're Related' that attempts to see you might be related to that is famous or a celebrity. There is no truly hard documentation, but rather the 'We’re Related' analysis is a fun way to share your findings with friends and family, but not proof that you’ve got celebrity blood. Its findings cou...