• Family Search Learning Center

    Feb 11

    There is an easy to use 'Learning Center' on the site. With a search box, any topic you can see what is available. There are also some great prepared lessons on different topics to assist you. One is titled: “Getting Started in Genealogy' – providing info on software programs and helpful tips on recording ancest...


  • Words Your Ancestors Used, but Not Used Today

    Feb 9

    There are many expressions used over the decades, some new ones and some old ones that are no longer used. Here are some examples of words and phrases used by our ancestors but not so much anymore. A popular drink of gin and ale drink was served hot with sugar or other ingredients added in the 1800s. It was called 'Purl'. In Amer...


  • Skills Forgotten

    Feb 7

    There were many activities and skills your ancestors had and used that are not done so much in the 21st century. These items could come back and you might be interested in doing so, especially if you can find out through a photo, journal or letter that an ancestor had these skills. A nearly lost art was gardening at home. It has made a bi...


  • The Luck of Horseshoes

    Feb 5

    A traditional symbol of 'luck' has been the horseshoe. Even at one time, it was common practice for a business to make sure they displayed a metal U-shaped horseshoe, especially any business using horses – such as farmers, tradesmen, etc. The luck of the horseshoe started began because horses were so important and you needed to keep them...


  • Ideal Towns of the 1930s

    Feb 1

    Most of you while doing family history research have been able to trace relatives back to the 1920s and 1930s. Those were two very different, unusual and somewhat difficult decades, back to back. With the stock market crash of October 1929, the good times, jobs, money, products, entertainment, etc. of the 1920s all came to an end. To ...


  • The Start of the Word “OK”

    Jan 31

    Who hasn't used the word 'OK' more than once a day? It is one of those common expressions used over the generations, including your ancestors. It can also be spelled 'Okay' but pronounced the same. It began when a popular activity in the 1830s that of telling jokes among young people in America, but using an acronym so the person hearing ...


  • Early Versions of More Modern Items

    Jan 29

    Your ancestors may have had the opportunity to use some items after they were first invented. But many of those items today can look and operate quite differently. Here area few examples and the changes over the decades. A common medical item is syringes which held a hypodermic needle used to inject medicine into a patient. When they wer...


  • Paper Dresses of the 1960s

    Jan 27

    This was a popular fad of the 1960s, one you, your mother, your aunt or even grandmother may have been a part of. It was a short-lived trend in fashion to serve the masses clothing for a fraction of the price of even the cheapest fabric dress. They were iconic fashion elements of the era. Being disposable and very fragile, decades later ver...


  • 1930s Roosevelt Outhouses

    Jan 25

    Outhouses, facilities not in a family home, but rather a separate small structure behind the house, where a person could go to the 'bathroom'. Such wooden structures started over 500 years ago. It was discovered during the Great Depression, many Americans had no outhouse or only ones in very poor condition and really unsafe. It had been fou...


  • What was Rationed During World War 2 ?

    Jan 23

    After the year 2020 and all the problems everyone across the globe faced, we think we have seen it all. No toilet paper available, rationing of some foods and paper supplies, etc existed. However, your grandparents and great grandparents did suffer for several years many hardships during World War 2 years of the early 1940s. Everything from ...