• North Carolina Newspapers

    Apr 29

    Newspapers of any time period can be so helpful in doing your family research. For example, I just came across an article from July 1930 in Texas for a friend that proved that her mother and aunt did go out to California after winning a beauty contest in Florida for a movie screen test. They had stopped to visit a family friend in Texas and because...


  • Follow the Clues in a Photo

    Apr 27

    Who doesn't have a stack of vintage unlabeled photos? You need some ideas to assist labeling who, when and where in the image. Take each one and exam it carefully. You just might then notice a certain physical family characteristic. Compare with known images of relatives. I did just that when I located a photo of my father when he was 9 years old....


  • Two Weeks after the 1912 Sinking

    Apr 25

    One of the greatest disasters was the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912. During April 2017, marks the 105th anniversary and the aftermath of that tragedy. It was not just the crewmen and passengers who did not survive but the friends and family members who did survive those who waited on shore to learn the fate of someone they knew. Using t...


  • How to Approach Doing the Research

    Apr 21

    You will find that the approach to doing your family history can make a world of difference on your success. Number one - do not expect to locate all family lineage and information in a matter of a few months. It is a large puzzle that was decades in the making and can not be totally solved in a short time. Next - be patient. This mixes with the ...


  • Locate this Family Information

    Apr 19

    As you work on your family tree, you might wonder what specific information should you search for. Yes, the basics of each individual's full names are important as well as birth-marriage and death dates. Hand in hand is also the location for those events of BMD. However, include where a relative lived during different time periods of their life. Re...


  • National Beer Day

    Apr 7

    One of the oldest beverages in the history of mankind is beer. So any of your ancestors may have had a pint or two of beer. Similar beverages are pale ale, lager, stout, and wheat beer. Yes, there are many individuals who never had any form of alcoholic beverage but for many people having a beer might be their only pure, safe to drink liquid since ...


  • Interesting Irish to English Words

    Apr 5

    There can be certain words or phrases your relatives / ancestors may have used over the years. Many of these words are originally based on the Irish language and then became more a common English word. Here are a few examples. Irish term for family is 'clann' and in English it became 'clan'. Irish terms for whiskey are “Fuisce” or “uisce ...


  • Unclaimed Properties within USA

    Mar 29

    The NAUPA, the National Association of Unclaimed Properties Administrators, provides online a listing of all states in America with each state's online unclaimed properties search engine. So what is 'unclaimed property?' By law, any deposits, bank accounts, refunds, stocks, safe deposit contents, dividends, etc not claimed after a specific time ...


  • Using ‘Find-A-Grave’ to Locate Family Info

    Mar 13

    The following may be an untapped resource that if you have not used to any extent, do consider it. It is a free online site, "Find-A-Grave". The site listing has information from people’s gravestones (birth and death dates), the cemetery name, grave location and often photos of the grave markers as well. In addition, text of the person's obituar...


  • FamilySearch – Italy

    Mar 11

      There are many Italian immigrates who came to America all during the late 1800s and into the 1900s. There may well be family branches still living in Italy, that would be fun to locate. A good starting point in research relating to databases for Italy is the free on the nation of Italy. Here there are some 42 different dat...


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