• Descendant’s Day

    Jun 29

    Since 1997 this last Sunday in the month of June, named 'Descendant's Day, has been recognized to showcase descendants, which we all are to our ancestors. It began in the Tennessee House of Representatives on Sept. 11, 1996. You can be a descendant of any ancestors – great grandaunt, 3rd cousin, gr gr grandfather, etc. Remember, se...


  • Is There a Baby Book in the Family?

    Jun 25

    Once a very popular family custom was the filling out and keeping a baby book on each child born into the family. Unfortunately, it was usually the first born for sure that got a completely filled out baby book; the second baby, maybe a partial filled book and children 3 or 4, etc. no baby book at all. No matter who had a baby book, that...


  • Scan and Transcribe Letters

    Jun 23

    You know that all your family treasured photos should be scanned and those digital copies stored in numerous locations and on different devices (flash, hard drive, disc). Yet, do not forget to do the same for all the family letters you might have or can get access to. Those letters (and postcards) are direct insights to an ancestor, what...


  • Lineage Books 1890-1921

    Jun 15

    The Daughters of the American Revolution was formed in Oct. 1890 with the main requirement for membership that a lady has direct blood lineage to a 'patriot', an individual who either served in the military, militia, reserves or contributed in some form to assist the American patriots fighting the British between 1775 and 1783. Its early ...


  • What is a Delayed Birth Certificate?

    Jun 11

    You may or may not have come across an ancestor with a 'Delayed Birth Certificate'. This type of record came about when Americans needed to prove when they were born for passports (beginning in 1920s) and registration with Social Security (in the 1930s). From the Dept. of Health and Human Resource – a delayed birth certificate is any b...


  • Overlooked Sources of Family History

    Jun 9

    Family history and the tree is not just name and dates and locations, there should be information on the person themselves, their occupation, hobbies, interests, and achievements. Where is find some of that type of information is by using some of the following. Learning when the first of a family branch arrived in America is very impo...


  • Your Victorian Female Ancestors in the Summer

    May 31

    With the summer season approaching, what did your female ancestors wear to keep cool and comfortable in warmer weather of the mid-1880s? Victorian women did not throw out hardly-worn dresses each season unless they were extremely wealthy. Instead, they would use ribbons, lace and embroidery to give their outfits a new look, perhaps by cha...


  • Telling the Family Story

    May 27

    It does not have to be a massive job to put together an interesting collection of family stories. The key is to start! First, start the work on your storytelling in smaller chunks will make your project seem more manageable. If you can, set aside a few minutes a day or once a week to write, but don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day ...


  • No Photo – Try This!

    May 25

    You may have not photos of any type for some of your ancestors, especially those who lived in the 1600s-1700s and into a good portion of the 1800s, when there were no cameras. But what many people did was have a silhouette done. That is an outline all in black of their facial, hair and head to shoulders. True, it is not the same as a photo but...


  • Photos from Family Hometowns on eBay

    May 19

    You might be checking eBay listings for any photos available relating to your family lineage. If you locate some you have scored a major hit. However, how about also searching on eBay for photos of the family hometown – any time frame. Many people did keep photo albums of either postcards or photos they took or purchased of their hometo...