• Cost of Items in 1950

    Mar 31

    With the 1950 Federal Census becoming available soon, it would be interesting to see the average cost of household items that your ancestors / relatives paid 72 years ago. The average cost of a gallon of gasoline was 27 cents. An average new car would cost $1,300 and $1,500. One night at a hotel was about $5.90. To purchase a loaf of bread was ...


  • Morton Salt Logo

    Mar 21

    Everyone recognizes the little girl with her umbrella in one hand and an upturned container of salt. This special logo of the Morton Salt Company has been around for more than 100 years. The Morton Salt Company started in Chicago in the 1800s and was originally called Richmond & Company. In 1889, a man named Joy Morton acquired a major inte...


  • US Census Available 72 years

    Mar 19

    Due to Federal law, the Federal US Census has the “72-year' rile. It states that personal information on those listed in a census can not be publicly viewed by the public after the census was taken for 72 years. The reason: is to protect the privacy of the individuals on that census and their families. However, information to a certain individua...


  • Everyone’s Favorite – Chocolate

    Mar 17

    Doesn't matter if it is white, milk or dark chocolate, everyone loved chocolate. Beginning with the cacao bean (the source of chocolate). It was first a drink form with various sweetness levels. It would be decades before the chocolate of today would emerge. It began with the Native Americans, the Aztecs of Central America. They created a bitte...


  • How Come Celebrating Birthdays with a Cake?

    Mar 15

    A long-standing tradition is celebrating birthdays with a 'birthday cake.' The ancient Romans did celebrate high-status men's birthdays with cakes made from nuts, honey, flour and yeast. They were very much an indulgence but not at all sweet. No ancient Roman women's birthdays were celebrated with any type of cake. During the 1700s, in Germany ...


  • Classic Children’s Games

    Mar 13

    We can all remember the childhood games we played outside and that would also apply to our ancestors, no matter how long ago it occurred. The game of Dodgeball was done during recess at school and in any neighborhood playgrounds. It began as a general free-for-all-ball throwing game. Of course, there was a dangerous element like being clobbered...


  • Sock Hops

    Mar 9

    You may not have attended a 'sock hop' but you have heard of them. They first began in 1944 sponsored by the Junior Red Cross to raise money for the relief war effort. For a small of charge, those attending had a night of good dancing but each person wearing just their socks since the dances were held in a school gymnasium and the gym floor didn't...


  • Love Token Coins

    Mar 3

    It was a tradition of years ago, when someone would be away from their loved ones for any length of time, a coin token was given, as a reminder. Also for special occasions such as births and weddings, a token coin was given. Many of the coins were also engraved marking what the event or occasion was for the recipient. This special token was pri...


  • Having Modern Mirrors

    Mar 1

    So many items we today take for granted. Our ancestors may not have some of the things we can hardly live without. One is, having a modern mirror, so when a man shaves or a lady does her hair or make-up, they each see themselves. The modern mirror was not invented until 1835. So any ancestors of the early 1800s and earlier didn't have not have ...


  • Soda Shops

    Feb 27

    During the late 1880s, having a fizzy carbonated water drink became quite popular. When Coca-Cola began in 1886 by an Atlanta pharmacist, Dr. John S. Pemberton, he created a distinctive tasting soft drink sold in pharmacies (for one's health) and in apothecaries (a form of a drug store). By the beginning of the 1900s, a separate section in a pharm...