• You are Here Because of 1,024 Ancestral Lines

    Aug 29

    You might have only thought you are a product of your parents (Mom and Dad), but it does go much further than those two. If you double the number of ancestors in each generation, 2 parents, 4 grandparents, and so on, we can see that by the time you are back 10 generations, you have the potential for 1,024 ancestral lines. True, you might not lea...


  • Did Your Ancestors have a Murphy Bed?

    Aug 27

    You have to know what is a 'Murphy Bed' to find out if your ancestors ever had one. It is a wall bed, one stored vertically when not in use into the wall of a room. Other various forms included hidden in a closet or a cabinet. When needed, it pulls down to serve as a regular sleeping bed. Such a bed became very popular if a family had a sm...


  • 1910 Census Info about Your Ancestor

    Aug 21

    Each of the US Censuses has been unique, varying in what questions were asked, providing some important family information, not just names. Go over the 1910 census with a keen eye to look for the following items about your family – great grandparents and grand uncles-aunts. As in any census record, look at the top, above the listing ...


  • Confederates in Brazil

    Aug 19

    Here are some ideas if you can not find an ancestor who lived in the Southern States during the American Civil War (1861-1865). The southern states lost the war and the destruction of farmlands and towns, so many Southerners wanted a new start, they traveled to the western frontier territories and states. It is amazing where some moved to. ...


  • Rosie the Riveter – WW 2

    Aug 17

    With so many males in America being called to service in the military from 1941 to 1945 (World War 2), on the homefront, the American hometowns and cities, they saw the need to keep businesses running and factories operating. Of special need was for war supplies such as munitions, tanks, planes, etc. So it the ladies who stepped up to the ...


  • Did Your Ancestors in 1900 Envision What the Future Might Be Like?

    Aug 15

    In the Boston Globe, Thomas F. Anderson, in a December 24, 1900 article, described what he thought the next new century – the year 2000 – would be like. Anderson proposed how different might the life of the man or woman who crosses Boston Common on January 1, 2000, compared with the life of the hundreds who will cross it today in 1900? ...


  • Federal Mortality Schedules

    Aug 11

    Anyone working on their family tree has checked at least one set of US Federal Census, depending on when their ancestors lived. Each and every one offers its own unique insight to a relative's life at that moment. Yet, one type of census might not be as familiar but should be used by those doing family research. The US Federal government ...


  • No Such Job Anymore

    Aug 9

    Over the decades due to the advancement of technology many jobs were held by your ancestors (maybe even their whole life) that now no longer exist. Many jobs are extinct. As you work on the family tree especially reviewing the occupations listed on a census, there will be your clue, the name of the job and see if it still in more curre...


  • Family Home by Sears – in the Mail

    Aug 7

    From the early dawn of the 20th century, the Sears & Roebuck Mail Order Catalog has been in most family homes. That is one item, the large 1,000 to 1,400 page catalog that would be in every home. Anything, clothing, telephone, sewing machine, tools, etc you could want that was manufactured at that time could be ordered from Sears using t...


  • CCC Projects of the 1930s

    Aug 5

    You more than likely had ancestors who found life difficult especially during America's Great Depression-era of the 1930s. Even if they did have work, their pay may have been cut and some good and products were hard to get. The good times of the 1920s were over. With an unemployment rate of 25%, the new US President Roosevelt needed to he...