• Fads the Girls of the 1960s Loved

    May 21

    These popular fads done by girls and some ladies in the 1960s could have been done by you, your mother, aunt or grandmother. See if you can find photos or journals or an interview with a relative about these popular fads of the 1960s. The early 1960s were a bit like the late 1950s but by the mid-1960s styles really changed. Cardigan sweaters we...


  • Victorian Kitchens

    May 19

    The kitchens used in the 1800s can look quite different from today's kitchens. The following will give you an idea of what was needed in a functioning kitchen of the 1800s. Instead of countertops with cabinets, any type of furniture piece might be used, such as dressers, china cabinets, or small tables. Plus there were no ice boxes or refrigera...


  • Types of Sandwiches during the Great Depression

    May 17

    During the 1930s of the Great Depression in America where many people had less income or no jobs, what people ate changed. Many new food products introduced such as boxed macaroni and cheese were now inexpensive. But also quick on-the-go foods became more popular. That was especially true of sandwiches, all types of sandwiches, now eaten at lunch ...


  • Soda Fountains

    May 13

    You may think your ancestors who lived in the 1940s and 1950s were the only ones to visit their local soda fountains but these popular establishments date back much earlier. Back at the turn of the 20th century local pharmacies were adding a section to their business that would be the local soda fountain. This was due to the new popular drink, coc...


  • Some Dangerous Items of Your Ancestors

    May 11

    With many health and safety standards in place today in the 21st century, it is only due to the struggles and dangers our ancestors suffered with new manufacturing, technology and chemistry decades ago. Our ancestors were offered new consumer products with little or no testing of their safety on humans. They instead had to learn firsthand if so...


  • Jello – Everyone Once Loved

    May 9

    Oh, the familiar Jell-O brand of gelatin. Everyone remembers Jell-O. But the idea of gelatin food items goes back to the Middle Ages in Europe. Gelatin was made from collagen, created by melting and filtering of pigs' ears and feet. Back then it was not an easy process, needed special equipment to heat, store and cool the gelatin. The finished gel...


  • The Family History Guide – USA

    May 7

    Compared to years ago, there are many online databases and resources you can start or continue your family genealogical research. Never leave out getting copies of documents from city/county/state archives and courthouses and documents from the federal level. One very good source that has put many of the online resources at your fingertips is '...


  • Early Chairs for the Handicapped

    May 5

    The modern use of wheelchairs and walkers has helped many people over the last 80 years but no such items existed in the 1800s and early 20th century. If someone in the 1800s was sick or disabled they either stayed in bed or a stationary chair. There were some chairs affixed to carts that were then pulled by another person to transport a person...


  • Spittoons

    May 1

    Now this item – a spittoon or cuspidor, you may or not be aware of. Yet for decades it was a necessary item in all types of locations – in homes or businesses. They were used as a disposal location for tobacco-laced saliva. Yes, many men in the 1700s into the early 20th century, chewed tobacco. The person didn't swallow the tobacco but rather ...


  • Tradition of Pearls

    Apr 29

    You just might have a family heirloom of a pearl necklace, ring, earrings or pin. Pearls have been a favorite for hundreds of years and they are still popular. Years ago, since it could be hard to locate perfect ones, pearls could be very expensive. With newer methods of producing pearls ( pearl farms), they are more available to the middle class....