Jun 22

    Who doesn't agree that Millennials have had enough attention for now! Just so we are clear, Millennials are those born between 1977 and 1995. Whereas the Baby Boomer generation covers from 1946 to 1964; when large numbers of babies were born following the return of soldiers at the end of World War II. There are roughly 79 million Millennials vs 76 ...


  • What was Science Fiction to Your Ancestors

    Jun 15

    For your ancestors in the 1920s into the 1950s, what was science fiction stories, illustrations, or movies has inspired technology that we use today. Little did our ancestors really imagine that today's everyday devices were first illustrated decades earlier. It is amazing how 'close' to maybe predicting the future many of these stories and illustr...


  • Mathew B. Brady’s Civil War Photos

    Jun 13

    The most renown photographer during the American Civil War was Mathew B. Brady, who along with his skilled staff, (Alexander Gardner, James F. Gibson, Timothy O'Sullivan, James Gardner, and Egbert Guy Fox) documented the people and events during the war 1861-1865. Since so many of your ancestors somehow were involved and certainly affected during t...


  • Email Week

    Jun 11

    The second week of June is recognized as "National Email Week". On average, about 250 – 300 BILLION emails a day are sent worldwide. How better to let your family and friends know about the week, but by sending an email. More important, you should use that week to send out short tidbits of family history to your relatives and close family friend...


  • Neighborhood Maps

    Jun 9

    The opportunity has now increased to view some of the vintage neighborhood maps done over the early years of the 20th century by the Sanford Fire Insurance Company. Placed online by the Library of Congress are about 25,000 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps representing over 3000 city sets online. Each month additional maps will be added until 2020 bring ...


  • History of Ancestors and Gardens.

    Jun 7

    The practice of having a garden, whether those with flowers or those as a source of food, has been a very long-time custom and practice for people years ago and still today. So the first week of June is recognized as National Gardening Week. National Gardening Week is a wonderful, week-long event. It is both a celebration, and an educational oppor...


  • Memorial Day -Town Honors Its Own

    May 29

    It is always interesting to see what local heroes a town honors over the years. Memorial Day - in remembering its own past and fallen soldiers is a good place to see if any ancestors of yours have been, or might in the future, be honored by their hometown. A good example is the story in Stuart, Florida as it honors with a special monument and bronz...


  • Texas Photos

    May 27

    William Deming Hornaday over his years of the late 1800s into the 20th century he collected about 5,818 photographs, photographic postcards, photo engravings and negatives. They covered sites across Texas, particularly Brownsville, El Paso, San Antonio, and the Rio Grande Valley but also photos of places outside the United States. It is housed no...


  • Philadelphia Prison Records

    May 25

    Eastern State Penitentiary, very large, was built over a number of years (1822-1836). Eastern State Penitentiary Admissions Books A and B for certain years has now been digitized. Book A covers prisoners' name, crime, sentence length, place of origin, race/ethnicity, time in and time out, and comments on moral and educational condition. Some also ...


  • Alien Registration

    May 23

    In the 20th century during the Great War -1917-1919 (WW One) and the Second World War (1940-1945), in the United States those individuals not citizens were classified as 'alien residents.' During each of those wars, the aliens residents had to register. Online with the Naturalization Records you can search to see what is available on any of your ...


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