• Christmas Traditions of Pioneer Ancestors

    Dec 9

    If you had 'pioneer' ancestors, those who lived in the 1700s to early 1900s in any wilderness, isolated regions of America, it is fascinating to examine what Christmas traditions they celebrated. The first celebration of Christmas didn't really expand as a big important holiday until the mid-1800s; yet it was the Southern States that had real...


  • Home Remedies

    Dec 5

    Today one gets doctor's prescriptions or over the counter medicine when needed. However, your ancestors did not always have a doctor nearby, or a drug store or even be able to afford medicine. So traditionally home remedies were used for many physical problems. Home remedies or 'old-fashion cures' have been done in households for hund...


  • Older Traditional Manners

    Dec 3

    There had been for decades a set group of traditional manners expected of all individuals, especially taught to children. These your parents, grandparents, gr grandparents, etc grew up and followed. Here are some traditional good behaviors: A child was never to argue with an adult, with what the adult said, especially if a parent spoke...


  • Vintage Costume Jewelry

    Dec 1

    You might have photos of your female ancestors (mothers, grandmothers, aunts and great grandmothers) wearing jewelry – might be gold or silver or it could be costume jewelry. If the time frame was the 1930s – 1960, there were many new techniques for producing a variety of costume jewelry that looked good. During those years all ladies wa...


  • Saying ‘Hello’ on the Telephone

    Nov 29

    Here is a common phrase that you take for granted but it was not commonly used by your ancestors. Just using the word 'Hello' was not used often and not even in the dictionary until 1883. The word was looked on earlier as a rude remark, especially if you did not know the person very well. So with the beginnings of the telephone, compa...


  • Late 1800s Inventions —- Some Useful-Some Not

    Nov 27

    People have always been inventing things to make their life easier. This is so true in the late 1800s (1880 to 1899). One example was known as the 'Tissue-Oscillator Machine'. A person wore a belt around their backside or their stomach and the belt vibrated the body's tissue to improve the person's weight and health. It could treat const...


  • Forgotten Thanksgiving Dishes

    Nov 23

    Some traditional favorite dishes have been at family Thanksgiving tables for decades. Here are a few not seen in many years. Pork Cake started in 1922, published in a magazine. Neither butter or eggs are needed for the recipe. It does have ground lean salt pork, raisins, spices, brown sugar and molasses. This dish is not often servi...


  • RootsTech Connect

    Nov 22

    Between February 25-27, 2021 will be a global RootsTech Connect, sponsored by It will truly be global and virtual. An interesting aspect for 2021 is they are accepting submissions no later than December 18 and December 31, 2020 for various types of videos from the general public that will be featured during the conference. T...


  • Vintage School Supplies

    Nov 19

    Whether school in 2020 is at a school building or at home distance with online education, there were very important vintage school supplies need decades ago by our ancestors. Here are some vintage school supplies not used for years. The use of a quill pen with a metal writing tip and the feather at the top of the handle. These were ...


  • Using Different Aprons

    Nov 15

    You might not have thought of it but your female ancestors actually may have needed several different types of aprons. Different household duties meant different aprons. If she was doing laundry then fixing dinner, a different apron was needed. Those living and working on a farm would need different ones when working with livestock (chicken...