• Ancestry will Discontinue AncestryHealth

    Jan 26

    For more than 30 years, Ancestry has provided a platform for people to discover, preserve and share the most important information about themselves and their families. As we enter 2021, more people around the world are embracing Family History to bring their families closer together and build more meaningful connections. In 2021, Ancestry...


  • Ancestry’s COVID-19 Study Finds Gene Associated with Men

    Jul 21

    Ancestry announced a new, preliminary finding stemming from analysis of Ancestry's COVID-19 Research Study. Ancestry's scientists have identified a DNA region which may be associated with COVID-19 susceptibility near the IVNS1ABP gene. This association, only present in males, could help explain why the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 se...


  • Ancestry Released Update on their COVID-19 Study

    Jul 2

    Ancestry has released information about their COVID-19 study in a blog post written by EVP of Health and DNA at Ancestry, Ron Park, MD. He reminds us that Ancestry's COVID-19 Study was launched to look for genetic clues on how individuals respond to the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Ancestry is grateful to the nearly 600,000 peo...


  • Using a Mobile App

    Apr 9

    For those with a Smart Phone / I-Phone, you can have easy access to your family tree information. Using the App is considered one of the best to use. Right at your fingertips, you will view any new information or hints / clues that come in about your ancestors. There might even be an unknown photo available. With a lit...


  • Ancestry Supports the Community During COVID-19

    Apr 2

    Ancestry's President and CEO, Margo Georgiadis, believes it is important that we approach this time of uncertainty with a sense of calm and responsibility – for our families, colleagues, and our members. They are offering support for those who are stuck at home due to COVID-19. At home educational resources for families and teachers: With...


  • Ancestry’s “Make Them Count” Honors Women who Fought for Right to Vote

    Mar 19

    As we approach the Centennial of the 19th Amendment ratification, invites you to Make Them Count. It is a newly added resource that gives you the opportunity to explore your personal connections to, and learn more about, the movement to grant women the right to vote. August 26, 2020, marks the centennial of the ratification of ...


  • Ancestry Described its Path Forward

    Mar 3

    It is not unheard of for companies to make changes in response to consumer demand. Ancestry described its path forward in regards to the DNA market. Making wise decisions is one of the things that has kept Ancestry in business for more than three decades. In a blog post, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ancestry, Margo Georgiadis, w...


  • Ancestry Provides Benefits of CCPA to All Customers

    Feb 4 points out that the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect on January 1, 2020. The law requires businesses that collect a California consumer's personal information to disclose to that consumer the categories and specific pieces of personal information the business has collected. It also gives the California consu...


  • Free Databases to Use on

    Jan 27 has a wonderful and varied collection of databases to assist in your family history research. Many are available through their subscription plan. However, there are many great databases you can use that are FREE, any time. Go to the site and scroll down and in alphabetical order is the listing of those free databases from Ancestr...


  • FREE Databases on

    Dec 21

    Everyone likes to get Free Anything and what is better than some of the Free databases available with Review this listing of Free databases and you will be amazed. Scroll down, it starts with numbers and dates then goes in alphabetical order. Now some are indexes and others are full databases. For example, if you had ance...