• ‘A New Leaf’ – TV Show

    Oct 4

    On NBC channels a new genealogical program titled 'A New Leaf' begins on Saturday morning, October 5th. It is produced by and features ordinary people discovering their family history. This weekly series hosted by Daisy Fuentes will follow people on the cusp of key life inflection points, using family history, genealogy, and sometim...


  • Ancestry Unveils Two Unique Holocaust Record Collections

    Aug 6

    Image by Arolsen Archives Ancestry announced that they have digitized millions of Holocaust and Nazi persecution related archives. These new records will be accessible globally to the public – members and non-members alike – on a permanent basis. Ancestry partnered with Arolsen Archives, an international center on Nazi persecution with...


  • Ancestry is Updating Their Latest Innovations

    Apr 16

    Ancestry announced that they have updated three of the game changing innovations that they introduced at RootsTech 2019. They are: ThruLines, MyTreeTags, and New & Improved DNA Matches. Ancestry points out: “We launched these features in beta so you could explore them and send us feedback to make your Ancestry experience even better. Our t...


  • School Yearbooks

    Mar 19

    Locating by whatever method a school yearbook on an ancestor can be such a treasure. No matter which it was middle grade, high school or college, it could reveal little known facts about your relative. Using the collection of 324,000 yearbooks and more than 52 million pages you have a good shot of locating one or more ancestors. To he...


  • Keeping Up with the Latest in

    Feb 15

    Many family researchers use the numerous databases supplied by They can be accessed through public libraries or genealogical societies with a subscription or by personal individual subscriptions for home use. does continue to add new and expanded databases on many different topics. For the new year 2019, some databases a...


  • Music of Your Ancestral Region

    Sep 29

    If you've done a great deal of research or using DNA testing and know fairly sure your family's ancestral heritage – Eastern European, North African, German, Southeast Asia, etc., you just might like to have a collection of music characteristic of those ancestral heritage. Using you can place the regions your ancestors originated...


  • Recent Additions to the Databases

    Aug 17

    You may or may not have used (fee-based collection of databases and information). Many times there are free sessions or your public library or local genealogical society may have it available. You need to keep informed of any new additions to their collection. On this page 'Recently Added or Updated Collections' you will the newest da...


  • Ancestry Brought Back the Family Group Sheets

    Jul 4 announced that the Family Group Sheets have returned. The purpose of the Family Group Sheet is to aid genealogists with their research. Ancestry included information in their blog post for people who are unfamiliar with what a Family Group Sheet (or Family Group Record) is. They explain it this way: “It is a view of parents an...


  • Collections of Church Records at

    Apr 10 frequently updates their existing record collections. The best way to find what's new is to check out the Recently Added and Updated Collections on Ancestry page. Ancestry recently updated and added church record collections. Evangelical Records – new collections The records in this collection consist of administrative records f...


  • has Collections of Catholic Records

    Mar 22 has several collections of Roman Catholic records. They add new collections when they can, and they update them when they obtain additional records. Here is a quick look at some of the collections that may be useful for genealogists who have Catholic ancestors. Colorado, Roman Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs Sacram...