• Probate Records Help Genealogists Trace Black Family Ancestries

    Jan 18

    Genealogists who are trying to learn more about ancestors who were slaves run into difficulties not faced by other genealogists. It isn't likely that vital records, such as birth certificates or marriage licenses, exist. It turns out that probate records may hold some information about your ancestors who were slaves. Probate records are document...


  • Ancestry Mexico has Launched

    Dec 2 is one of the most popular genealogy websites. The company has announced the launch of Ancestry Mexico. In short, it is a genealogy website that will help Mexicans and Mexican Americans to research their family history. To start off, Ancestry has more than 220 million searchable historical records from Mexico. These records include ...


  • Reasons to Put your Family Tree in Multiple Places

    Nov 11

    One of the biggest ongoing tasks that a genealogist works on is the creation and maintenance of their family tree. It shows, at a glance, all of the research and work you have done in order to learn more about your ancestors. There are many reasons why it is important to put your family tree in multiple places. Backup Copies Prevent Loss The be...


  • Wills on Ancestry

    Sep 4

      Available on Ancestry.comĀ is the massive collection of Wills across the nation now made digital. It is a scanned digital copy of the actual (mostly handwritten) Wills of original people. These documents cover well over 100 million people, including the deceased (names, dates) as well as their family, friends and others involved in the prob...


  • One Million People Tested by AncestryDNA

    Sep 3

    If you won the lottery and were about to receive one million dollars, you would likely be extremely happy. One million is a big number. AncestryDNA has good reason to be excited about the number one million. They recently reached it! AncestryDNA is a DNA testing service that utilizes autosomal testing technology. It combines advanced DNA s...


  • Best Genealogy Blogs of 2015

    Sep 2

    Every year, Family Tree Magazine sifts through the internet and selects the very best genealogy resources it finds. This list is then shared with readers who might be looking for some new and interesting genealogy blogs to enjoy. This year, some of the selections are more than blogs! The Best Genealogy Blogs of 2015 list was released on Family T...


  • U.S. Social Security Applications Claim Index at

    Aug 24

    Genealogists who have been trying to find information related to social security now have a new resource to browse through. The new index has been added to One reliable resource that genealogists turn to is the United States Social Security Death Index. It can give you a lot of good information about an ancestor. This informatio...


  • Launches AncestryHealth

    Aug 11, one of the most popular genealogy websites, has launched something new. It is called AncestryHealth and it is currently in beta. What does this mean for genealogists who use AncestryHealth is an online tool that helps people discover, preserve, and share their family's health information. People who track the condi...


  • Free Indexes on

    Jun 29

    The site (a subscription fee source) is a super collection of databases and records which can really benefit all family history researchers. However, many of their online databases through are FREE and available for anyone to use even if you have no paid subscription. The list (scroll down) of available databases is tr...


  • Explores Sale

    Jun 17

    Could one of the most popular genealogy websites be putting itself up for sale? This could be in the process of happening, but things are being kept quiet for now. It might be a good idea to make sure you have copies of all of the information you put on, just in case. In 2012, a buyout company called Permira Advisers outbid other ...