• Quest Diagnostics Launched NGS Engine to Power AncestryHealth

    Aug 20

    A new innovation in advanced genetic sequencing automation from Quest Diagnostics will now enable individuals to access highly accurate genetic testing providing insights into inherited diseases including cancers of the breast, colon, and other conditions through AncestryHealth. Quest developed a faster and cheaper way to perform next gener...


  • Ancestry Updated Communities in Asia, Australia, and More

    Aug 4

    Ancestry has unveiled updated AncestryDNA communities to help members who have ties to Asia, Polynesia, South Africa, and Australia. The update enables members to better pinpoint where in the world their ancestor were most likely from. Ancestry is constantly developing new ways for members to learn more about themselves through DNA and is e...


  • Ancestry Invites You to Help Advance Research to Fight COVID-19

    May 5

    Ancestry is doing their part to support the global research community in the quest to defeat COVID-19 by launching a research project to explore potential genetic cues in the response to the virus. Ancestry is asking those who have taken an AncestryDNA test to participate in the research project. Ancestry has launched a survey through their...


  • Ancestry Unveiled 75 New Communities

    Apr 21

    Ancestry is proud to unveil 75 new AncestryDNA communities to help members who have ties to Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Africa. The addition of new communities allows Ancestry to better pinpoint where in the world your ancestors are from. This means there may be some changes to your results. By lever...


  • Top Two DNA Kits

    Dec 23

    With the wide variety of available DNA kits you might wonder which are considered the top two DNA kits out of the top five selling kits offered. There were two services which consistently led all assessments by other surveyors, while also offering strong privacy options and a large sample size. These top two had their services examined for not o...


  • Your Privacy is Ancestry’s Top Priority

    Dec 3 has made it clear that your privacy is important to them. This comes after a controversial decision made by GEDmatch to open its database of nearly one million users to law enforcement following the issuance of a search warrant. Many of those users had not consented to such access. Ancestry believes that GEDmatch could have don...


  • Ancestry Expands Reference Panel for More Precise Results and New Regions

    Nov 19

    Ancestry announced that their team of scientists have increased the AncestryDNA reference panel to more than double its previous size with samples from more places around the world, resulting in the latest update to AncestryDNA ethnicity estimates. Over the next several months, AncestryDNA customers may receive updated ethnicity estimates, ...


  • Ancestry Debuts World’s Largest Searchable Online Obituary Collection

    Nov 5

    Ancestry announced the launch of their Obituary Collection, as well as an upgrade to Ancestry's U.S. Obituary Collection, adding to what is now the world's largest, searchable digital archive of over 262 million worldwide obituaries and death announcements, containing almost 1 billion searchable family members. Obituaries can...


  • Ancestry to Debut “A New Leaf” TV Show

    Oct 1

    Ancestry announced the debut of a brand new television series by Ancestry called “A New Leaf”. The first episode will air on NBC on October 5, 2019. Ancestry explained a bit about why it created this show. “We heard your feedback: You love “Who Do You Think You Are?” - but also want to see everyday people embark on journeys of per...


  • AncestryDNA Unveils Over 225 New Communities

    Jul 4

    Ancestry announced that they have released over 225 new AncestryDNA communities to help their members who have ties to France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Utilizing their DNA network of over 15 million people, their vast collection of public family trees, and their patented Genetic Communities technology, Ancest...