• Tracing Woodend Family Roots England to Zimbabwe

    Aug 2

    What struck me was the intensity of the request by a woman on the comment section for information on her great grandfather written out on the April 28th Genealogy Blog which discussed searching for ancestors in the United Kingdom. Here, was this individual’s ancestor, who was a native of England, beginning a new life in Rhodesia (n...


  • The Symbols on Headstones

    Jul 7

    Once you have viewed, photographed and made a rubbing of an ancestor’s headstone, you need to study very carefully the symbols and designs placed by the family to represent that person’s life. Dates and words tell the family researcher a good deal, but those symbols can open new prospects of understanding one’s ancestor. The engraving of...


  • Quick Fixes When Time is Short

    Jun 17

    Let's face it. We all have busy lives, and sometimes, the thought of scrapbooking can be overwhelming. We love the idea of it, but if we think of it as a chore, or something else we have to check off our list, then it often gets put on the back burner. There are a few quick fixes that can help us stay organized, and not get too overwhelmed. For ...


  • Free Databases Offered by & World Archives Project

    Jun 1

    Anything free is good, so it is always worth checking out the newest databases added by the huge collector of databases, to their web site. The majority of their information is on a subscription-based fee, either at a monthly, quarterly or annual rate. However, has always made available any public or free sources of gene...


  • Newsreels 1942-1946

    Feb 3

    Photos of people and events are wonderful, but with the use of film, such scenes can come to life for the viewer. Newsreels shown in local movie theaters during the 1930s through the 1950s were the main source for learning of national and world events for the general public. One of America's and our ancestors' greatest event was the involvement ...


  • Professional Genealogists to the Rescue!

    Nov 2

    There is a phrase genealogists tend to use when they have done absolutely all the research from each and every source they could find, only to come up with nothing. It's called “hitting a brick wall”. This colorful phrase evokes the frustration one feels when you give something your very best effort and do not get the result you hoped for. It a...


  • Your Surname May Reveal Your Heritage

    Nov 2

    What's in a name? Quite a lot, actually! Your last name, or surname, holds a lot of information you may not be aware of. Each surname has it's own meaning, and may provide clues about your heritage. It can be fascinating to go through all the last names of your relatives, and discover the meanings behind them all. The study of surnames is calle...


  • Your Living Relatives are a Resource

    Oct 27

    Every genealogist has access to a resource that is filled with information, easy to find, and fun to use. Unfortunately, many genealogists overlook this wonderful resource, or do not recognize it for the treasure that it is. What is it? It is the genealogist's very own family! If you are looking for family stories, the best place to start is by ...



    Oct 26 is one of the most popular websites for genealogy. They are the world's largest online resource for family trees, and documents that genealogists need for their family history research. What kinds of resources can you find here? In addition to birth, marriage, and death records from the United States and around the world, you c...


  • Genes Reunited

    Oct 20

    A United Kingdom genealogical site Genes Reunited offers the U. K. censuses from 1841 to 1911. There are also the birth, marriage and death records registered from 1837 to 1965 available. From the U. K. Register Office comes the data on overseas and military births-marriages and deaths. The death records for the British military is available for W...