• Ancestry is Moving its Genealogy Data to AWS

    Jun 11, one of the largest genealogy websites, is moving 10 petabytes of genealogy data to AWS. The move has already started. It appears that this collaboration will be beneficial for both companies. Ancestry currently manages about 10 petabytes of structured and unstructured data that was generated by more than 2.6 million subscribers....


  • D-Day (Overlord) The Stories

    Jun 5

    It was Tuesday, June 6, 1944 which marks what has been named 'D-Day' or code name of 'Operation Overload'. It was when thousands (24,000) of American, British, Canadian soldiers stormed the coastal area of Normandy, France or parachuted down onto the coast in an effort to push back the German Army during World War II. Five major beach landing area...


  • Sisterhood

    Mar 15

    During the month of April is recognized 'Sibling's Day' and in August is celebrated 'Sister's Day'. This month of March is recognized as 'Women's History Month', in doing your family research, check out your female ancestors who were sisters. Some interesting aspects to check are the range of ages, that is noting their birth dates. Also when ea...


  • Christmas Surnames

    Dec 13

    Did it ever occur to you that families could have a surname associated with Christmas traditions? Some you wouldn't be as surprised by like, 'Claus' has in the USA over 1,300 or 'Santa', has 370 individuals. The name 'Christmas' has 1,499 people with that surname, which is quite a few. The most with the Christmas surname, based on the Crestleaf dat...


  • Get Back on Track

    Oct 7

    Yes, it happens you have been away from actively doing your family tree and now you want to kick start the research. Or you have been working on the family history and are running into road blocks. Here are a few suggestions to 'get back on track' and have success. If you haven't already, go to the closest Family History Center (Church of the La...


  • Just Starting? Ideas to Begin your Family Tree

    Sep 17

    That's your new goal this Fall, to begin your family tree? First, realize this will be a long project, years in the making - nothing that can be done overnight. However, the lasting reward will be magnificent, a true family treasure. Key to begin - start with yourself. Have a basic family tree chart (pedigree tree) and place your name, birth dat...


  • Think Outside the Box. Genealogy Research Tips.

    Sep 7

    That is what you need to do to find any and all available resources that might have information on your ancestors. The following are a few such ideas: (Family ranch brand, drivers license, and the Federal Writer's Project) If your family had a ranch, do check the state recorder of marks and brands. It was later titled the Livestock Board. Here w...


  • Family Bibles from Tennessee

    Aug 25

    The records originally written by our ancestors were usually placed in the family Bible. A center section in most Bibles traditional had several pages for the marking of family births, marriages and deaths. If you have access to a family Bibles, you have a true treasure. If you don't have one, then you could check with other relatives and see if th...


  • Paleography

    Aug 13

    'Paleography' or Palaeography'. It refers to understanding and interpreting handwriting. Usually it is a skill applied to reading medieval writings (1200 to 1600s). Since you might not have ancestral handwritten documents quite that old, even more recent writings over the last 250 years can be difficult to read. If you have such document, use some...


  • Alabama on My Mind – Archive Photos

    Jul 19

    Was the state of Alabama a place of residence for any of your ancestors, then you will want to check out the Alabama Dept. of Archives and History Digital Collections. Of special interest is the Alabama Photographs and Pictures Collection. This large image collection has over 15,000 pictures, illustrations and photographs relating to Alabama ove...