• Find Your State

    Mar 4

    Pride in one's hometown state is just as strong now as it was decades ago. Since most of our ancestors generally remained in the same state their whole life, it is very important to learn as much as possible about that state and go over all available resources. Begin with a super overview of each of the 50 states from If you had...


  • Interesting Work Involved with Genealogy

    Feb 24

    For most people, genealogy is a hobby; a very fascinating, exciting and satisfactory pastime. A person becomes a detective trying to put all the puzzle pieces together to create a picture of their heritage. It does entail work, time, energy and money to produce results. The amount of work and especially costs can vary for individuals. Yet, spending...


  • Prisoners 1860s at McHenry and Andersonville

    Feb 21

    As you research and come across one or more ancestors who served during the American Civil War, you may well see they might have been a prisoner at one time. In the early years of the war, prisoners were just caught and then within a few days an exchange of prisoners would take place. Both sides soon realized the fighting would just continue if sol...


  • Finding Information in Unexpected Places

    Jan 15

    Beginning genealogists often turn to resources such as or FamilySearch when they want to begin doing research on their family. Both of those websites are useful and popular. However, they aren't the only places that hold valuable information about your family history. Try looking into some of these unexpected places to find genealogy ...


  • U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC)

    Dec 26

    The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC)  makes historical materials available for use to support the U.S. Army, educate an international audience, and honor Soldiers (men and women)- past and present. They have several categories which are covered from military history to a fine archive made in digital format and assess-able onlin...


  • Mug Shots of the 1920s

    Nov 20

    Mug shots are those images taken at police stations for people arrested, whether they are guilty or not. Those photos can be kept by a police department for decades. Online is an interesting collection of about 21 mug shots, some of an individual person, others of a group of men. Many have a name written with the photo along with a date. These w...


  • English, American & Canadian Occupations in 1891

    Nov 16

    As you have done your family research you may have come across the titles or names of various occupations done by your ancestors, possibility some names you have never heard of. That is very possible since new products and services are created over the years as the ideas and needs of a society change. An excellent example would be a blacksmith,...


  • Basic Ideas When Doing Family History

    Nov 14

    There are some key ideas and concepts anyone doing family history research should keep in mind. Each could save you time and frustration. 1. Never believe as the truth 100% of the family legends, tall tales or stories. There might be some truth, but most of the time the stories are just that, fiction stories, which got changed and made-up over t...


  • Missed June 1880 to June 1900

    Nov 2

    Here is a thought that may not have occurred to you while your work on your family tree. You might have an ancestor who was born June 1, 1880, the date of the US Federal Census for 1880 and for whatever reason, died the June 1, 1900 US Federal Census. Yes, they would have been on the June 2, 1890 US Federal Census, but a reminder, most of that cen...


  • All Hallow’s Eve for Adults

    Oct 31

    This Christian feast / festival began in the 16th century, about mid-1550s in Europe. With the Puritan influence in America for years, the practice of All Hallows' Eve was never recognized. Not until many immigrants from Ireland and Scotland came to America, did things begin to change. Gradually the recognition of Halloween was assimilated into ma...