• Immigrates to England: 1801 – 1871 & 1918 – 1957

    Sep 4

    We always tend to think of people resettling in the United States or Canada, however, many people resettled in the 19th and 20th century in England, coming from other European, African or Asian nations. The National Archives for the United Kingdom has a collection of those individuals seeking to be admitted to England between 1801 and 1871. The ...


  • Cajuns/Acadians – Louisiana

    Aug 29

    In Louisiana the Cajun / Acadian cultural lifestyle has existed for many years. It actually began in New France (Canada) in the 1600s when immigrates came from the nation of France to settle in the area now known as Canada, mainly the eastern coastline. During the time of 1755-1763 (the Great Expulsion) under Great Britain's rule of Acadie in New ...


  • Public Domain Photos

    Aug 25

    Need some images of a hometown, a historic region, a view of a homeland, of a farm, or city? Using the following public domain photo sites will help located and allow you to download needed images to make your family history complete. For example, you found that your parents came down to the Ft. Lauderdale / Miami area in 1940 or 1941 on vacatio...


  • Female Ancestors Mistreated

    Aug 23

    To truly get an idea of how life was for some of our ancestors you have to know what life was like and what was done and expected of people, the accepted culture of a certain time. This is especially true for the treatment and expectation of females. Ladies owning property and voting in elections is a fairly newer concept. Our female ancestors wer...


  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

    Aug 21

    These maps known as Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps are of small, medium and large sized towns and cities date back to the 19th century and well into the 20th century. They can be very important in locating where a family business, shop and neighborhood would have been at a specific time frame. The Sanborn Company (started by Daniel A. Sanborn), an Am...


  • Why You Should Go Over Ancestral Newspapers. 9 Items to look for:

    Aug 17

    Newspapers from an ancestors hometown are such a wealth of information. You might first think just locating obituaries in the newspaper, but really there is so much more you might find. Even checking neighboring communities' newspapers can carry news and advertisements of families, events and businesses in a certain hometown. With so many newspaper...


  • Rochester, New York

    Aug 13

    City directories are a very valuable tool for family history researchers. Here can be located an ancestor's exact name spelling, where they lived, if a female was a widow, their occupation, or a business they worked for or owned. Now this is for searching for an adult, minor children would not be listed in a directory. The Rochester city direct...


  • Minneapolis City Directories 1859-1917

    Jul 30

    The use of city directories can be extremely successful in locating additional information on an ancestor. City directories allow users to find former city residents, their occupations, local businesses and their locations. With any luck you can trace a relative during a certain scan of time, where they lived (street) and what their occupation hap...


  • Four Fun Activities: Sharing Family History with Living Relatives

    Jul 26

    This summer how about trying something a little different to involve more family members in knowing, appreciating and learning about their ancestors. Of course attending or sponsoring a family reunion is the best method. Bring together cousins, aunts, grandparents to share stories and especially heirlooms, artifacts and photos can spark many pe...


  • Colorado Newspapers 1859-1923

    Jul 20

    The Colorado Historical Newspapers Collection is available online. The search process is made very simple. Place the keyword, surname, topic you wish to see if there were any newspaper articles covering between 1859 and 1923. Keep in mind there can be articles in the numerous Colorado newspapers to select from which are about events and people out...