Civil War

  • Ancestor Attended Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

    May 22

    Working on one’s family history, even for decades, can still yield some thrilling and revealing new information. Yet, the key to such a new discovery can lie in reviewing documents one has had in hand for years. I recently had such an exciting find which I just happened to stumble on. A fellow researcher had requested some direct quotes from...


  • Photos and Prints at the Library of Congress

    Apr 16

    The main element that every family historian looks to have in the family genealogy project is photos of ancestors. Next would be images of the family home or farm and then a family business and next the hometown. Each image allows the researcher to step back in time to better understand and appreciate their ancestor's life and the historical events...


  • Civil War Records & Information

    Oct 18

    The American Civil War, also referred to as the War Between the States, is the most researched, written about and material collected compared to any other historic event. Over 150 years later, the story of that war with brother against brother, captures everyone’s interest, especially in reference to genealogical research. If any branch of one’...