Civil War

  • Database for Union Army Grave Sites

    Aug 1

    Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War has an online site of burial locations of veterans of the Union Army from the American Civil War that covers across the nation and is searchable. It even has the listings for burial sites for Union veterans buried overseas. There are 96 civil war veterans buried in Australia, plus the other nations with forme...


  • Decode Civil War Military Telegrams

    Jun 29

    Yes, what an opportunity! The project is by the National Archives, Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens; the Papers of Abraham Lincoln at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum; North Carolina State University to digitize and transcribe the Union Army telegrams from The Thomas T. Eckert Papers. Such an undertaking...


  • Maps at the Library of Congress

    May 15

    Over 15,405 maps to view in the Library of Congress collection. Everything from farm maps, city maps, individual owner land maps to battlefield maps are in this national collection. With all of them scanned as digital images, they can be enlarged to see the details and also saved to your computer or printed. Start at the top and there is a search ...


  • Society for Decendants of those Honored at Arlington National Cemetery

    Apr 25

    There are numerous societies within the United States for different purposes. Many genealogical societies can be of great assistance for those working on the family tree. There is a society who have ancestors buried in Arlington National Cemetery. One fact you may have come across in your research is that an ancestor may have been buried in Arling...


  • Your Blue or Gray Ancestors

    Apr 1

    As you go through gathering information for your family tree, somewhere along the way you may well come across ancestor or two who were either military soldiers or sailors during the American Civil War (1861-1865). If they supported the North - the Federal Union they were recognized by 'Blue' for their uniform. If they supported the Southern region...


  • Stamps Can Date Photos

    Feb 9

    You have seen those stamps placed on the back of some of the family vintage photos of the mid-1800s, well this is why they are there and how it can help date the photo. The U. S. Federal government placed a new tax on photographs between August 1, 1864 to August 1, 1866. This new tax was named 'Sun Picture Tax'. The money raised was used to help f...


  • Freedmen’s Bureau Records of Hospital Patients and Medical Conditions -1865-1872

    Nov 23

    At the end of the American Civil War the Freedmen's Bureau was created to assist displaced people, mostly those African-Americans, who no longer lived in the former farms and plantations they have worked on as slaves. It was a bill signed by President Lincoln in March 1865 and was operated during Reconstruction by the Dept. of the War. It assiste...


  • Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)

    Nov 21

    If you had an ancestor who fought for the union (Northern) side, you have to check if they ever joined one of the many GAR Posts that formed from the 1880s and stayed well into the early 20th century. Those that joined had served in the US Army during the American Civil War of 1861-1865. This site online for the GAR can be a great resource of fi...


  • Richmond, VA Civil War Hospital

    Sep 29

    During the American Civil War, one specific facility was in great demand - that being hospitals. With so many wounded or suffering from diseases on both sides and especially the Confederacy side with thousands wounded since most battles were in the South. In Richmond, Virginia, the capital city of the Confederacy, the house of Judge John Roberts ...


  • Confederate Officers Cards Index – 1861-1865

    Sep 23

      One hundred and fifty years since the end of the American Civil War, there is still so much to learn about our ancestors who were a part of that major historical event. It is generally easier to locate military records and photos on those who served on the Federal Union side. However, finding information on those who served with the Confede...