Civil War

  • 150 Years – the Gettysburg Address

    Nov 19

    On a Thursday, Nov. 19, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln helped dedicate the Soldiers' National Cemetery at Gettysburg, PA to the thousands of soldiers (Union and Confederate) who had died in battle there just a few months earlier, July 1-3, 1863. What would become his most famous speech before a crowd of men, women and children estimated at 15,000 ...


  • Ancestral Military Veterans

    Nov 10

    No better time with Veteran's Day, November 11th to compile a list of all ancestors who served in the military. It need not be during any specific war time, many individuals served from a couple years to multiple years during non-war periods. Once you identify an ancestor, find the regiment they served with and that can lead to you additional infor...


  • Civil War Photos

    Oct 12

    The US Army Heritage & Education Center (USAHEC) has online a very unique collection of Civil War soldiers, regiments, in digital format. Since the goal of the USAHEC is to preserve the contribution of soldiers in America back to colonial times they made sure the Civil War collection was as complete as possible. There are new images added to t...


  • Surnames for African-Americans – Former Slaves

    Sep 24

    Prior to the emancipation of the American slaves in 1863, those African-Americans held in bondage had usually just one or two given names. One given name the child's family selected and kept secret and one the child was known by given by the slave owner. If a surname was needed, the slave owner's family name might be used. Once the slaves were free...


  • Confederate Listings – FamilySearch

    Sep 2

    With the 150th anniversary of the United States Civil War, researchers may have uncovered some names of ancestors who fought in the war. Even within families sides were taken, some members joining the Union side and others the Confederacy. It can be difficult locating information about Confederate soldiers. The free FamilySearch database, done b...


  • Historic Photos

    Aug 11

    No better way to understand and appreciate the times our ancestors lived then through photos. The saying 'the picture is worth 1,000 words' is true. Whether it was during a historic events such as the Civil War or the Great Depression, images can speak volumes of what life might have been like for a great grandfather. The web site, 'Documentari...


  • Pennsylvania and the Civil War

    Aug 5

    At the Penn State University Library they have placed online a massive American Civil War (1860-1865) collection of documents, photos, recollections, veteran pensions, diaries, list of deserters, biographies of residents of PA involved with the Civil War, maps, info relating to neighboring states, newspapers of the era, soldier database, letters, ...


  • Words Used During the American Civil War

    Jul 12

    With the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War and renewed interest in our ancestors who either fought or were affected by this destructive war, it is a good opportunity to learn as much as possible relating to this time period. One aspect you may or will come across is the terminology used by people 150 years ago. You may have letters from a...


  • Confederate Veteran

    Jul 8

    Confederate Veteran Magazine was published monthly between 1893 and 1932; nearly 40 years of articles. It was geared to those who fought with the Confederate (Rebel) Army of the southern states during the American Civil War; offering information and stories they could relate to from their war experience. Groups such as United Confederate Veterans, ...


  • July 1863 – The Battle of Gettysburg & Ancestor Capt Groff

    Jul 1

    Joseph Groff of Frederick, MD, at age 40 enlisted on August 20, 1861 as a 1st Lt. of Co. "B" 1st Potomac Home Brigade of the Maryland Infantry Regiment of Union volunteers. After serving at Harper's Ferry, by February 10, 1863 he was given the rank of captain. End of June 1863 -- The First Regiment Potomac Home Brigade of Maryland lead by Colone...