• North Carolina Estates Files

    May 11

    From the North Carolina Department of Archives and History and the site has made available nearly 3.4 million images relating to the settlement of family estates in 68 our of 100 counties in North Carolina. The years covered range from 1663 to 1979, so a vast amount of information on an estate is available. For decades what ha...


  • Columbus, Ohio Postcards & Images

    Apr 25

    Nothing better to knowing what a time and place were like decades ago than through photographs and especially postcards. The Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Library has gathered a large collection of images and made them accessible online. There are three major divisions. First is the postcards section with over 9,000 postcards during the late 19t...


  • Using the DAR

    Apr 21

    An overlooked resource is the databases available online with the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). In their Ancestor Database, the simple-style search form has you place a surname and given name for an ancestor who might have served in the military or as a civilian during the American Revolution. In this simple search at least a surname ...


  • Ohio Born and Bred

    Apr 11

    The Ohio Historical Society and the State Library of Ohio have joined forces to place online a massive collection of documents, records and photos, known as Ohio Memories, relating to Ohio. If you ever had an ancestor who was born, lived, or worked in Ohio you will want to review this site. The selection of categories include manuscripts, docum...


  • Avoid the Following

    Mar 26

    It is easy to make mistakes while doing your family history research, the best researchers can get a name or date wrong. The main thing is to review what you have collected, gather evidence to support your findings and make the corrections. Too often one forgets some of the common errors in genealogical research and they do need to be reminded ...


  • Canada Gazette

    Mar 20

    This Canadian newspaper covers many decades of information about Canada, most often referred to as the Canadian’s government's official paper. The Library and Archives of Canada has now made searching online this historical newspaper very simple. The database covers from 1841 to 1997, quite a length of time. It can be searched using a key wor...


  • Check-Off List – Ten Ideas to check of your genealogy Check List!

    Mar 16

    Whether you are just beginning or have worked on your family tree for years, there can be many different aspects relating to your family and genealogy you have forgotten to investigate, do, search for, collect, or try. The following are just some ten ideas that you might want to consider completing so you can check it off this important list. Firs...


  • Denver, Colorado – Digital

    Mar 8

    As the Denver Public Library puts it: “It isn't just history anymore – it is America's quintessential region and culture right at your fingertips.” Having access to documents, records and photos, all in digital format has really assisted the family researcher. The material in this Denver Library Digital Collection covers more than just Co...


  • Databases on ‘Don’s List’

    Mar 6

    In trying to locate collections and databases, especially for harder to locate information, it is beneficial when people make the effort to put together large collections on the Internet to share with others. This is the case with 'Don's List' who has gathered several databases of information, especially relating to the Pittsburgh, Allegheny County...


  • Old Bailey Criminal Court in England

    Feb 16

    Coming across old records of family members is exciting, they help you better understand the life of your ancestor. One type of document which can be quite fascinating are court papers. The most intriguing of court papers are the criminal court documents. These are the trials of real people, some for some horrible crimes, some for crimes not though...