• Dallas Cemeteries

    Nov 29

    Everything is big in Texas and especially in the city of Dallas. It is located in the northeast corner of Texas and has a long history. The city today is about 365 square miles in land size and over 6.3 million in population making it the ninth largest city in the United States. An early settlement established by John Neely Bryan in 1841 was the bi...


  • West Virginia BMD Online

    Nov 28

    The state of West Virginia was for many years part of the state of Virginia, that portion in the Appalachian Mountains. It seceded from Virginia in 1861-62 to become the 35th state of the Union on June 20, 1863. When researching ancestors who lived in that region prior to 1863 you would need to check the archives of Virginia, which are very complet...


  • Queensland Australia Databases

    Nov 26

    From the 'land down under' – Australia and especially the state of Queensland has provided online a nice index of databases on several topics. All of them are in PDF format which very easy to download and read. The type of records indexed include immigration, convicts, hospitals, orphanages, occupations, land and court records. There are some...


  • Illinois State Records and Chicago

    Nov 24

    If you have ancestors from Illinois, the state archives have placed indexes of many of their records and collections online for searching by the public. The variety of departments is enormous. Some of the materials are from police, mining, banks, Civil War rosters, schools, Illinois Centennial, state legislative, World War I and II, veterans and o...


  • Delaware Heritage Collection

    Nov 12

    The state of Delaware is along the mid-Atlantic region of the country, with its eastern border along the Atlantic Ocean. Neighboring states are Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Its largest populated city is Wilmington and the capital city is Dover. Being a land small state it only has three counties; New Castle, Sussex and Kent. It was the ...


  • Great Lakes Maritime Database

    Nov 10

    The five Great Lakes in the United States (Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario) and bordered by part of Canada has been an essential source of transportation since the 18th century. Many people have made their livelihood from the ports and the shipping of goods and people across the various Great Lakes. The information from records relatin...


  • B-M-D Records & Newspapers in Nova Scotia

    Nov 1

    In Canada, the province of Nova Scotia is along the eastern shore. It has a very long history and many people originally from the United Kingdom, France and the United States have lived in Nova Scotia over the decades. In fact it was a destination for many Americans who supported the British during the 1770s in the American Revolutionary War and th...


  • Finding Maiden Names

    Oct 26

    Unfortunately history and record keeping have not always been kind to the female population. There were times they were even considered 'second-class' citizens. That was not necessarily true in all ethnic or cultural groups, but in some. So it can pose a 'tall brick wall' to knock down locating the family name (surname) for a female ancestors. Y...


  • Finding All Our Ancestors?

    Oct 24

    It is said that genealogy is one project you can never finish, because you can never locate all your ancestors. Yes, we all have trouble locating a great uncle, a second cousin or a great grand aunt. Those individuals would be your extended family, not your direct lineage. If you look solely at those ancestors who were your parents—grandparents--...


  • Florida Death Index

    Oct 20

    It is varied across the many U. S. states of when official death certificates became required. For the State of Florida, its Department of Health and Vital Statistics Vital Records handles the death records. Back in 1865, the city of Key West and a handful of other cities across Florida began requiring death certificate records. Everywhere in Flori...