• Occupations & City Directories in Abbreviated Form

    Dec 12

    This has happened to everyone doing family research. You find on a census record or a journal, military record, anything -- there is a few letters put together that stand for 'something' but what?? If you have a clue as to it being a place or name, you can try to figure it out. However, what it might be is an occupation. For example seeing 'delc...


  • New Jersey Databases

    Dec 8

    A vast assortment of databases are available online for anyone doing research in New Jersey. It was done by the State of New Jersey Archives and is quite complete. Some of the categories include: Indexes of marriage fromĀ 1666-1799 and May 1848 through May 31, 1878 in New Jersey with about 320,000 records; Death and burial records cover from Jun...


  • Database ‘Treasure Chest’

    Dec 6

    With the use of the Internet along with the interest in genealogy and many records made digital, the use of online databases is necessary. At in the 'Reviews' section is a run down of 14 of great databases to select from, some with a fee and others free. All are general and can be of help with most any researcher. To add to that ...


  • Veteran Administration Pension Payment Cards

    Dec 4

    Online and free to view and save information is the Veteran Administration Pension Payment Cards which cover 1907 to 1933 for those who serviced in the regular U. S. military. This doesn't mean an ancestor served during those years but rather they applied and either was refused or did receive a pension for his military service. So a person might ha...


  • Online Books

    Dec 2

    Libraries are an excellent source especially for books on a hometown, historical events or even biographies on individuals. Many such books were written during the time period or just after a specific ancestor lived in that town. Yet getting to the hometown library could be difficult. Using Online Books, this site has thousands of books scanned ...


  • Hart Island in New York

    Nov 26

    Some people will know of this place but most will not, yet it may hold the key to some information on an ancestor. What Hart Island is in New York City is the burial grounds for the poor and indignant people of the city. It was established in 1868 but not just for the poor. Sometimes there was no identification on a person or no one ever claimed t...


  • What Can You Find on the Internet?

    Nov 24

    A family history researcher never depends solely on what is available on the Internet, too many mistakes or non-sourced material out there. However, there are some things, even real gems or treasures you would be happy to locate and that is where the Internet can help. One big area is looking for any ancestral writings or family histories your r...


  • Basic Ideas When Doing Family History

    Nov 14

    There are some key ideas and concepts anyone doing family history research should keep in mind. Each could save you time and frustration. 1. Never believe as the truth 100% of the family legends, tall tales or stories. There might be some truth, but most of the time the stories are just that, fiction stories, which got changed and made-up over t...


  • Social Security Death Index

    Oct 18

    To help senior citizens with living expenses, Roosevelt's New Deal program of the Social Security Act became law in 1935. Some 30 million Americans registered by 1937, so that in the future when they were senior citizens money could be paid to them. The Social Security Administration kept records on all registered persons and those who received ben...


  • Add and Share Family Photos and Stories

    Oct 10 enhanced their site this year so individuals could submit their family photos. Within five months there were one million photos available for viewing along with family stories. All of the images and stories can be shared and stored for decades to come. To get started create a free account with your names and basic informati...