death records

  • Sources of Death Records

    Aug 2

    It can be difficult to get an accurate death date, location and burial site on an ancestor. The following are a few suggestions of sources for death records. First, check any family documents, journals, diaries, vital records or collection of newspaper obituaries saved. It can be easily overlooked to even go though those boxes of family photos. Ri...


  • Pennsylvania Death Certificates 1906 to 1924

    May 11

    On has just come available more than 2.4 million records along with images of the actual death certificates for people who died in Pennsylvania between January 1, 1906 and December 1924. Additional later dates for certificates will be added in the near future. Such records / death certificates by the turn of the 20th century had become...


  • List of Civil War Union Graves

    Apr 17

    With April 2014, this marks 149 years since the end in 1865 of the American Civil War. Everyone in searching their family tree want to know if they had soldier ancestors who fought in the Civil War. Now online is a database listing of Union (the North) soldiers who based on Union records were buried in military cemeteries, whether they died during...


  • Look Beyond the Obit

    Feb 1

    A family history researcher may think all they need is the death date from an obituary, but there is so much more, especially with the style of detailed death notices that were done for decades in newspapers. An obituary not only can provide the ancestor's full names, a maiden name for the ladies, a surviving spouse and any previous spouse's name m...


  • Unmarked Grave for a Veteran

    Dec 16

    As you have worked your family history research, one area that most everyone has some information is concerning those ancestors (direct lineage or extended family) who served in any of the military branches of the United States. You may have gotten copies of their service records, have photos of them in their uniform, even possibility a diary or jo...


  • Researching Arkansas and Michigan

    Dec 6

    Arkansas If you have had any relatives from the state of Arkansas there may be relatives buried in the cemeteries there. Even if they did not live there, so a variety of reasons a person may have been buried there. So it is worthwhile to check different locations in search of your ancestors. Using the database of Arkansas Gravestones, there are...


  • The Great War – Tragedy Nov. 28, 1918

    Nov 28

    It is good to reflect and especially mark certain dates. Here is the story of one person and their story, 95 years ago. John Laurence Jensen, born 1857 in Denmark, who came to the United States in August 1881. By the mid-1880s he arrived on the eastern coast of Florida eventually settling just a few more miles south of Eden along the western ...


  • Masonic Members in Michigan

    Jul 16

    If you had an ancestor who was a member of the Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of the State of Michigan during the 1930s, you are in luck. There is now available online the volumes from the Masonic lodges have a “In Memoriam” section which identifies all of the known members of the Michigan masonic community that had died in the pre...


  • Michigan Death Index-Certificates

    Jun 22

    The numerous Michigan genealogical societies have worked for years putting together the microfilmed death ledgers for the state of Michigan, made them digital and placed them online. They started with the years 1867-1884 creating some 170,000 records. Then the years 1885-1897 were added. You can research the index for any Michigan death record usi...


  • Old-Time Terms for Illnesses / Diseases

    Jun 18

    The medical profession has changed greatly over the last 200 years. Doctors' knowledge of the human body and diseases has increased and that includes changes to the names for certain medical conditions and diseases. So when you see a term for an illness an ancestor suffered or died from, you do need some explanation of what that old-time term might...