death records

  • British Service Deceased Online

    May 25

    Since 2008 United Kingdom and Northern Ireland records of burials and cremations with the registrar records, maps of cemeteries and photos of headstones have been made digital and placed online by the British Service Deceased Online. As of January 2013 there were 6 million individuals in 15 million records in their database. Most (2 million) are ...


  • North Carolina Estates Files

    May 11

    From the North Carolina Department of Archives and History and the site has made available nearly 3.4 million images relating to the settlement of family estates in 68 our of 100 counties in North Carolina. The years covered range from 1663 to 1979, so a vast amount of information on an estate is available. For decades what ha...


  • York Co. PA and Neighboring Cemeteries

    Jan 17

    The areas of York County, Adams County and Cumberland County in Pennsylvania along with Carroll County in Maryland are all neighboring counties and have an long history of settlement. Many residents over the decades moved back and forth from one county to another. They also had their children and grandchildren resettle from York County to Carroll...


  • Washington State Databases

    Jan 11

    The State of Washington has a very complete series of databases for researchers to use. Viewing the homepage note all the listings on the left side. There are records referring to military, census, land, court, licenses, cemeteries, institutions and so many more. Some of the most popular are the birth, marriage, death, nationalizations and photogra...


  • US Federal Mortality Census 1850

    Jan 9

    Do you think you had an ancestor who died between June 1849 and May 1850 and don't have much in any details? Well, using the site, it has the U. S. Federal Mortality Census (Schedule) for 1850. This year of 1850 was the first time such an special census was conducted. It was done with the regular Federal Census for population in 1...


  • Lorain County, Ohio Births and Deaths

    Jan 7

    Your luck day if your have ancestors from Lorain County in the state of Ohio. This location at the northern end of the state borders Lake Erie and is very close to the city of Cleveland. So you may have ancestors who were born or died in Lorain County and you always thought it was strictly in Cleveland. Lorain's population in the 1870s was about 30...


  • 1918-1919 Influenza and Your Ancestors

    Jan 3

    There it was all around, no escaping the newspaper headlines, the talk on the neighborhood corner or family dinners at the table. It was the early fall season of 1918 and not a tremendous amount to be very cheerful about by citizens across America. The nation had been “over there”, in Europe fighting the Germans since the United States declar...


  • Dallas Cemeteries

    Nov 29

    Everything is big in Texas and especially in the city of Dallas. It is located in the northeast corner of Texas and has a long history. The city today is about 365 square miles in land size and over 6.3 million in population making it the ninth largest city in the United States. An early settlement established by John Neely Bryan in 1841 was the bi...


  • West Virginia BMD Online

    Nov 28

    The state of West Virginia was for many years part of the state of Virginia, that portion in the Appalachian Mountains. It seceded from Virginia in 1861-62 to become the 35th state of the Union on June 20, 1863. When researching ancestors who lived in that region prior to 1863 you would need to check the archives of Virginia, which are very complet...


  • Florida Death Index

    Oct 20

    It is varied across the many U. S. states of when official death certificates became required. For the State of Florida, its Department of Health and Vital Statistics Vital Records handles the death records. Back in 1865, the city of Key West and a handful of other cities across Florida began requiring death certificate records. Everywhere in Flori...