DIY scrapbooking

  • Finger Paint a Family Tree

    Sep 23

    Every kid loves to finger paint. So, why not take advantage of that love, and share with them a little family history in the process? There are a few fun ways that you can have your children get their hands a little dirty and create a family tree they can hang in their room and remember their relatives whenever they look at the craft they created. ...


  • Go Vintage with Echo Park

    Sep 21

    I am not going to lie. There is one scrapbooking paper company that I adore, and wish I could work for so I could get all their beautiful products for free. I do not feel that way about every company, but this one definitely takes the cake for me. I write this article out of my own love for their products and nothing else. Have you heard of Echo Pa...


  • Give Back by Returning Letters

    Sep 15

    My husband's grandparents have a quirky little habit. We often send photos of the kids, or us, or letters to them, and they will photo copy them, and return them. It always makes me laugh to get pictures that I have sent them over the years in the mail, back. But, I love to keep those precious memories, and if they are really old, I love getting th...


  • Study the Skill of Scrapbooking

    Sep 13

    If you are new to scrapbooking, or new to heritage scrapbooking, then feeling overwhelmed can be completely normal. I know that when I first started, I would look at others' layouts and think, "Wow. They are so good. I could never do that." However, there is a secret in the scrapbooking world, and that secret is that it is OK to be a copycat. The t...


  • Our Roles in Life

    Sep 9

    Have you ever thought about all the different roles one person can have in life? First, we are born innocent, a child of someone. Sometimes with that birth, we become a sister. Or, perhaps that comes a few years later with the birth of another child into your family. Soon, you get older and you become a friend. Then, all of a sudden, one day, you m...


  • Sibling Love

    Sep 6

    One thing I have loved about being a Mom is watching the love grow between my children. I have a boy and a girl, and their bond as siblings is something that I cherish. I am close with my own siblings as well. I loved coming from a family of four kids, and I think the bond between siblings is undeniable. It is something that lasts forever. Only...


  • Product Review-Timepiece Line by Bo Bunny

    Aug 31

    I love scrapbooking supplies, don't you? Finding the right supplies can definitely inspire me to scrapbook. If something doesn't inspire me, then I am not going to sit down and do any scrapbooking. That is why I am always on the lookout for supplies that will inspire me to scrapbook my older photos. My family history photos. For me, sometimes t...


  • Rolodex Your Relatives

    Aug 30

    As usual, I was poking around on the internet looking for a great new idea to share with you for scrapbooking your family history, and I think I found one that will be super cool as a gift, as a project to keep for yourself, or something to put on your coffee table. Sound intriguing? I ran across this post on making this beautiful rolodex using...


  • Map It and Scrap It with October Afternoon

    Aug 23

    There is a new line of scrapbooking supplies from October Afternoon called Boarding Pass that I saw used on a layout about one family's immigrants, and I knew I had to share it here. It is the perfect paper and scrapbooking line of products for what most family history's have. A story of an immigrant. I ran across this line when I ran across a...


  • Pregnancy Journaling

    Aug 9

    So much of our scrapbooking and memory keeping comes after the baby is born. But, have you ever given thought to keeping a journal while you're pregnant? This can be especially helpful with your first pregnancy. I am pregnant with my third, and half way through my pregnancy. However, this time around I haven't been the greatest at keeping a pregnan...


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