DIY scrapbooking

  • Help Your Child Remember Relatives

    Aug 2

    I made a photo book once online of my relatives that lived in other states for my kids to look at and remember who their relatives are. Sometimes aunts, uncles, and cousins live too far away to remember in day to day life for little ones. Grandparents pass away, and they too, can be easily forgotten by young children. My Mother-in law passed away w...


  • Heritage Scrapbooking With Your Kids

    Jul 29

    I have blogged before about getting your kids to love heritage scrapbooking. It is not an easy task, but kids love to help. And, depending on their age, you can let them. My two little ones love to just look at my stuff and touch all the pretty, shiny things. But, there are ways that you can let them help a little more. Now, before you cringe a...


  • Saving Trinkets and Memorabilia

    Jul 27

    Many times, a scrapbook is so much more than just photos and embellishments on a page. Sometimes, when we go on vacation, go to a show, or do anything in life, there is a tangible object that we want to save too. This can include things like a movie ticket stub, a rock from a fun hike, or a seashell we found on the beach. We might toss those aside ...


  • Capturing Childhood

    Jul 11

    Childhood is a special part of life. I look at my own children and I wish time would just stand still. I don't want them to grow up, and lose their innocence. I don't want them to stop thinking I know everything, and I especially do not want them to move out! But, growing up is a part of life. And yet, part of the reason I scrapbook is to try to ma...


  • The Title Page for Your Heritage Album

    Jun 30

    In my recent article, Questions for Starting Your First Heritage Album, I addressed some of the questions you should ask yourself before even getting started on your first heritage scrapbook. Let's assume you've asked yourself these questions, have the answers, and have some materials in hand. Where do you actually start scrapbooking when it comes ...


  • Four Generations Layout

    Apr 20

    I am lucky to have had both of my grandmothers meet my first born child. In both of those instances, we took a four generations photograph. Those are photos that I treasure, and I'm sure my daughter will come to treasure them as well. Of course, when you have a photo like this, you are going to want to scrapbook it. And, better yet, scrapbook it fo...


  • Genealogy and Family History Photo Organization

    Apr 11

    If you are thinking of starting a heritage album scrapbook, the first step is to organize your photos. I've talked a little bit before about knowing which photos to keep, and which ones to discard. In this article, I'd like to discuss a little about how to organize your photos that you've decided to keep so that scrapbooking can be a lot faster, an...


  • A Love Story Album

    Mar 3

    Putting together an album all about a couple's love story can be a great way to scrapbook your family history. Start with a couple that is close to you, like your parents. This is a great way to document their love story and save it for generations to come. A marriage is definitely not the beginning. Do some digging, and you will end up with a s...


  • Heritage Scrapbooking Products-Karen Foster Design

    Feb 25

    I went to my local scrapbooking store last weekend, and had a great time. For me, it's like a special treat to look at papers, and stickers, and pens, and all things scrapbooking. I could literally spend hours in scrapbooking stores dreaming up layouts, and special projects. As I was browsing and happily thinking about my children off on another...


  • Why Acid-Free in Scrapbooking?

    Feb 22

    When scrapbooking your family history, most people know that they should use acid free materials, but why? What does that even mean? Now, most papers are acid free, but it used to be different. In the early 1900s, it was realized that the chemicals in the papers used were going to eventually break down important documents and photos, and cause y...


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