• Things to Know About DNA

    Apr 26

    National DNA Day is April 25. Genealogy and genetics have become intertwined over the years. Today, genealogists are as likely to use online genealogy resources as they are to order a DNA test in an effort to learn more about their family tree. Here are some interesting things to know about DNA. Rosalind Franklin was a scientist who earned he...


  • LivingDNA.com

    Feb 23

    Living DNA has a direct-to-consumer DNA test kit. Use it to find out where you really come from.  The Living DNA test is the most advanced DNA test, offering twice the detail of other ancestry tests.   The Living DNA test is simple.  You can order it online.  The kit is shipped straight to you, by standard or express routes, no matter...


  • The Genographic Project

    Sep 28

    National Geographic launched their Genographic Project in 2005. It is a research project from the National Geographic Society which encompass work carried out by their scientific team. The public is encouraged to join. The Genographic project focuses on deep ancestry from an anthropological perspective. The Genographic Project uses advanced DNA ...


  • MyHeritage.com Matching DNA Upload

    Sep 28

    MyHeritage compares DNA data of individuals, which has been uploaded to the MyHeritage website, in order to find matches based on shared DNA. Your DNA matches are people who are highly likely to be relatives (close or distant) because there are significant similarities between their DNA and yours. DNA Matching can open up exciting new research...


  • How Does DNA Work?

    Sep 14

    Genealogy and genetics have become very connected to each other. Consider, for example, the various DNA test kits that a genealogist can take to learn more about their heritage or health. The results are based on what is found in the person's DNA. This could leave some people with an important question. How does DNA work? DNA stands for deo...


  • MyHeritage DNA Matching is Now Live!

    Sep 7

    In May of this year, MyHeritage gave users who had taken a DNA test the ability to upload DNA data to benefit from free DNA matching (after MyHeritage had completed developing it). Now, MyHeritage has announced that DNA Matching technology is ready and live! MyHeritage compares DNA data of individuals, which has been uploaded to the MyHeritage...


  • AncestryDNA is 2 Million People Strong

    Jul 5

    Around 11 months ago, AncestryDNA announced that it had tested over 1 million people. Recently, has hit another major milestone. They are now 2 million people strong. They are the very first consumer genetics testing company to hit that milestone. AncestryDNA is a direct-to-consumer genetic testing service. It uses the latest autosomal testing t...


  • Do Gene Variants Connect to Success at School?

    Jun 28

    A study that was published in Nature regarding gene variants and success in school has been viewed as divisive. Some feel it shows that people who have certain gene variants do better in school (and stay in school longer) that those who do not have the variants. Others see problems with that conclusion that the researchers may have overlooked. T...


  • Reasons You Might Not Know Cancer Runs in Your Family

    Jun 8

    Genealogy today involves not only making a family tree but also creating a medical family tree. There are some DNA tests out there that can reveal a person's risk of developing cancer. In the United States, the Affordable Care Act has made it possible for more people than ever before to be able to afford to see a doctor. Even so, there are some rea...


  • TapGenes Helps You Discover Your Family Health Story

    May 11

    Genealogy has always involved the creation of a family tree. In recent years, it has become equally important for genealogists to create their medical family tree. Putting together all the health related information that you discover about your family can be difficult. TapGenes can help with that task! TapGenes is there to help you discover your...