• Arab Genealogy

    Oct 19

    Most people relate Arab with the Islamic religion and southwest Asian culture. However, there are and in the past have been numerous people that were Arab Christians and Arab Jews. The Arab people began in the Arabian peninsula and the Syrian Desert before the birth of the Islamic religion. Over the centuries with the spread of the Islamic ...


  • A Beginner’s Genealogy Questions

    Oct 18

    With so Many People having already done research, wouldn’t there already be a book written on my Family History? There are thousands of published and unpublished family histories in various localities. Regional and local genealogy societies get donations of family histories. Public libraries and the Library of Congress also have a collection o...


  • What is Genealogy?

    Oct 13

    Genealogy has had a surge of popularity over the last 30 years. However, it has continuously been of interest and importance to people for hundreds of years. Those of noble birth in the European courts especially needed to know their lineage to determine who was actually in line for the crown. The term ‘genealogy’ is the study of family ance...


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