• Google Drive

    Jan 27

    It is amazing what can be done with technology and electronics today. It has proven to be such a big boost for those researching about their families. Just the other day, a young fellow had a school project to do his family tree. Using several databases on the Internet as well as information done on a web site by one of his relatives, he was able ...


  • Scanned Documents. Jewish Federation of North America.

    Jan 23

    The Jewish Federation of North America have a database of searchable names, with over half a millions names in the index. They come a variety of sources and cover many time periods. There are the Jewish Refugees Arriving in Australia via Melbourne, 1946-1954, Refugees in Zbaszyn, Poland in 1938-1939, Transmigration Records, Palestine Remittance...


  • Occupations & City Directories in Abbreviated Form

    Dec 12

    This has happened to everyone doing family research. You find on a census record or a journal, military record, anything -- there is a few letters put together that stand for 'something' but what?? If you have a clue as to it being a place or name, you can try to figure it out. However, what it might be is an occupation. For example seeing 'delc...


  • Save Those Emails to PDF

    Dec 10

    It can come in very handy to have a method that is super easy to save your emails. An Internet server goes down it is great if the email message you wanted to save were on your computer hard drive and then backed-up on an another drive or disc. The company 'PDFConvert' can do that - free. PDF means 'portable digital file.' When you have an emai...


  • Veteran Administration Pension Payment Cards

    Dec 4

    Online and free to view and save information is the Veteran Administration Pension Payment Cards which cover 1907 to 1933 for those who serviced in the regular U. S. military. This doesn't mean an ancestor served during those years but rather they applied and either was refused or did receive a pension for his military service. So a person might ha...


  • Basic Ideas When Doing Family History

    Nov 14

    There are some key ideas and concepts anyone doing family history research should keep in mind. Each could save you time and frustration. 1. Never believe as the truth 100% of the family legends, tall tales or stories. There might be some truth, but most of the time the stories are just that, fiction stories, which got changed and made-up over t...


  • Add and Share Family Photos and Stories

    Oct 10 enhanced their site this year so individuals could submit their family photos. Within five months there were one million photos available for viewing along with family stories. All of the images and stories can be shared and stored for decades to come. To get started create a free account with your names and basic informati...


  • Slave and African-Americans on Documents

    Oct 8

    The Virginia Historical Society had put a collection together for African-Americans who have lived in the state over the centuries. They have over 8 million items in the collection. One of their recent databases titled Unknown No Longer', has unpublished historical records with as much biographical detail as remains of the enslaved Virginians, inc...


  • Events in PA

    Aug 19

    In digital format and online from the Penn State University libraries is a nice collection of events and people relating to the history of the state of Pennsylvania, a history that dates back to colonial times. There is information on the Civil War era, the geography, industry and labor, political events, maps, agriculture, biographies, and numero...


  • Physical Characteristics of an Ancestor. 6 Steps to Discovery:

    Aug 15

    Oh, how you wish sometimes you had some photo of an ancestor. You have gathered information about their life, but have no idea what they look like. Did they have a round face, were they tall, have blue eyes and is it possible you look like them?   There are a few¬†sources to turn to that might help provide some general physical cha...