• Finding Family Ephemera

    Apr 1

    You are working on your family history, have a family tree established and are getting names and dates in place. However, realize really knowing about your ancestors includes understanding a bit more about their life and the things that mattered to them. So you need to have a collection, if only in a digital photo form, of any letters, business le...


  • Genealogical Gophers

    Mar 19

    An online site, Genealogical Gophers, searches 40,000 genealogy books that have been digitized by FamilySearch. Most are books that were published prior to 1923, so no longer covered by copyright laws. They range from county histories to city directories to family histories. There’s a little bit of everything. In doing a search, it is easy to...


  • Immigrants to England – 1330 to 1550

    Mar 13

      Most family researchers are happy if they can locate ancestors back 100 - 150 years. That is an accomplishment verifying actual relatives who were 2 to 4 generations back. There are others doing their family tree that can take the lineage back even further-- even to 17th through 14th century. Now available through the United Kingdom Natio...


  • Public Online Records

    Mar 3

    There are not just vintage documents, photos and records on genealogical databases, but many sites carry recent records on living individuals considered 'public records'. The online site of 'Persopo' has a variety of available public records. Now what is available will vary from state to state. Informational records can come from towns, cities,...


  • Musts in Genealogy

    Feb 27

    As in anything there is a right and wrong way to complete a task. So for the family researcher of the history of your ancestors, make sure you follow as many of the following 'musts' to insure the family tree is as accurate as possible. 1. Use as many different sources to verify the dates, name spelling, hometown, whom they married, the children's...


  • The Outlandish and Unusual Given Names

    Feb 23

    The current 21st century practice of many celebrities and common folks to give their infants some very strange and unusual given names is NOT a new event. Rather it has been going on since given names have been used. In fact checking your own family lineage may reveal a few odd names also. Some names at one time would have been quite common and ...


  • The Panama Canal Zone

    Feb 3

    If you came across a relative, especially a young male, who did not appear on specific census records between the early 1900s and the 1930s and you don't know what happened to him during those years, you might need to exam the records held by the site on the American Panama Canal Zone. With the construction of this massive proj...


  • The Past on Paper

    Jan 3

    A site online titled 'The Past on Paper' is just like it sounds. It is a database of images of family Bible record pages, journals, letters, Wills, photos, deeds, documents, postcards, directories, newspapers, etc. This site primarily has items from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia regions, however there are a few from the United States. ...


  • Avoiding Mistakes

    Dec 3

    Be careful now to produce mistakes in your family history research or in turn to place mistakes (unknowingly) into your family database. A major problem is when you locate a whole family tree lineage online and accept / copy every person with every date because some it matches what you know about your family line. Too many times, just about all ...


  • Lesser Used Records

    Dec 1

    Think you searched every official document -- well there just might be some other records you didn't think to try. First, your ancestor may have owned a dog and the hometown they lived in required a dog license. On that official form could be information (address and names) you didn't know about. Another overlooked resource are other census reco...