• MacGregors of Scotland

    Mar 15

    Could you believe that a surname and the people attached to that name could be 'banned'? Well, it did happen to the Scottish highland clan surname of MacGregor, including the spelling form of McGregor and Gregor. In 1603 the new king to the English throne was King James IV of Scotland, becoming King James I. Scotland was divided at the time into c...


  • FamilySearch – England

    Mar 9

    Many people have ties to England, part of the United Kingdom, especially since America was a British colony before 1776. Yet, many will have ancestors who came to America all during the 1800s and into the 1900s. There may well be family branches still living in England, that would be fun to locate. A good starting point in research relating to dat...


  • Postcards – Lancaster Co, England 1901-1911

    Aug 17

    In the central western portion of England is the county of Lancaster. Many families over the decades lived in Lancaster in cities like Manchester but eventually immigrated to America especially in the early years of the 20th century. Lancaster University has made available online for Free a large collection of about 1,000 postcards either of place...


  • City of London Over the Years

    Aug 9

    Collage is one of London’s finest picture archives managed by London Metropolitan Archives (LMA), it provides free online access to over 250,000 images of London, England from the collections at LMA and Guildhall Art Gallery. These 250,000 photographs, prints and drawings as well as over 1,000 maps from the collections at LMA are available to vie...


  • British Images – 1 Million in Digital Form

    May 19

    The massive collection from the British Library covers all types of topics, not just those directly relating to the United Kingdom. They are on Flickr-Photostream and range from illustrations, pages of books (such as vintage Bibles), pamphlets, drawings, photos, booklets, and many others. There are over 1,023,000 such images all in digital format. ...


  • Sticky Backs and Photo Booth

    Feb 19

      It is the early 20th century and in England a fellow named Spiro Grossi, from Brighton, England, was a young man in his 20s whose occupation was that of a 'Photographic Printer' in Liverpool. He then moved to Manchester, where Grossi operated two photographic studios, one at 5 Marsden Square, the other at 84 Market Street. He developed th...


  • Railroad Men – WW I – UK

    Feb 3

      Since railroad travel became an important method of transportation beginning in the mid-1800s, those who work for the railroad systems across the globe have been numerous. You may have had an ancestor who served in some form for a railway system. To investigate one time frame and location, the United Kingdom's National Railway Museum has p...


  • One Name – Olde English Style

    Jan 21

    Nearly an 800 to 1000 years ago in England, most people simply used one name, not a given or names and a surname. Today we find a surname even made up of a person's father and mother's surname. However, back in olde England with much lower population, people managed with one name. Generally, the name was based on a person's occupation. So what wer...


  • English Christmas Cards

    Dec 17

    The very first Christmas card was commissioned by a United Kingdom government worker, Sir Henry Cole (1808-1882), in 1843 when he was too busy to write to his friends himself. Printed in black and white, they were originally colored by hand. The art design was done by John C. Horsley. These became the first commercial Christmas cards. Only a ha...


  • Using Linkpendium for U. K. and Ireland

    Dec 9

    If you have ancestors from Ireland or anywhere in the United Kingdom, the Linkpendium has links of resources for those areas. There is the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. With Britain having so many colonies across the world, there are links to colonial British colonies al...