• Unusual Photos Faces

    Apr 19

    The proper Victorians of the mid to late 1800s had their own ideas of what was proper social behavior. This is shown in viewing the typical photographs taken. You see the strict, stern facial expressions in just about all of them. Part of the main reason was the photo technology of those times. People had to hold still as a photo was taken. If ...


  • England in ‘Color’

    Apr 15

    With digital photography we can forget having color photos was a rarity decades ago. This site, Mashable, offers up a variety of color photos of people and locations in England in 1928. It is fascinating to see the vehicles, businesses and especially the fashion of England in the 'Roaring Twenties', especially in color. As you scroll down the site...


  • Immigrants to England – 1330 to 1550

    Mar 13

      Most family researchers are happy if they can locate ancestors back 100 - 150 years. That is an accomplishment verifying actual relatives who were 2 to 4 generations back. There are others doing their family tree┬áthat can take the lineage back even further-- even to 17th through 14th century. Now available through the United Kingdom Natio...


  • Wills from the United Kingdom – 1858-1996

    Feb 5

    A reminder the areas that comprise the United Kingdom (the U. K.). They are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Many people have ancestors from these areas, some who resettled in other areas, like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa or the United States. If you did have ancestors who remained in some region of the U. K., then ...


  • Understanding English Surnames

    Nov 13

    Family English surnames rarely existed until well after the year 1066 AD with William the Conqueror invading the island that would become England. What was commonly done was a description for a person such as Thomas the Baker, Norman son of Richard, Henry the Whitehead, Elizabeth of the Field or Joan of York. Surnames evolved based on those desc...


  • Family Desserts

    Aug 9

    Nothing brings back fond memories like your favorite desserts. Some are classics like chocolate cake or apple pie, however your family may have some family favorites that are special just to your family. Different desserts can be created and handled down through the generations. They can also be more a cultural favorite. Maybe it is only on specia...


  • British Newspapers Archives

    Jul 23

    Online are the British newspapers archives for most counties and time periods, with millions of pages done so far and adding more each month. Not only the regular news articles of events, but also are the Family Notices (births-marriages-anniversaries-deaths). The obituaries alone are so important to learning about a specific ancestor along with an...


  • Your Story – Who Do You Think You Are?

    Jul 22

    The well-known and loved television program 'Who Do You Think You Are?' begins its 5th season this summer, starting July 23rd on the TLC channel. Featured celebrities on the show will include: Valerie Bertinelli, Kelsey Grammer and Cynthia Nixon. The show takes the viewer through the process of locating a specific branch of a person's family, incl...


  • 1896 to 1900 Video

    Jun 3

    Yes, step back in time to view a video (old vintage reel film) taken of numerous world cities between 1896 and 1900. The use of motion picture equipment was very new in 1890s. So few films that were taken have even survived. So when one is available it is important to view and study what life was like over 100 years ago. It was done by camera oper...


  • Surnames in Great Britain 1881 & 1998

    May 17

    In tracing your family roots it can be very valuable to know where the majority of a family branch was concentrated. If you had ancestors from Great Britain in the 1880s and even in the 1990s, there is an online method to search where most with a certain family name lived. Using the PublicProfiler site you can place a surname in the search box. It...