• Northern Irish Record Book of 1639

    May 9

    The County of Londonderry is in northern Ireland. In the 17th century, a book was compiled of individuals, locations (towns) and businesses in Londonderry. It was actually of survey done by the Honourable Irish Society, compiled in 1639 by a Commission instituted under the Great Seal by Charles I, of all those estates in Derry managed by the City o...


  • Wellcome Library Photographic Collection

    Feb 19

    So many new and once forgotten photographs are being scanned and made digital so they can then be shared around the globe. The newest collection available is from the Wellcome Library in the United Kingdom. There are two major categories: Historical Images and Contemporary Images. You can select either or both and then place a keyword, hometown ...


  • British Newspapers from 1700 to 1999

    Feb 11

    Newspapers are really the life blood of a community, town or city -- covering about events, places and people in that town. This is why finding newspapers from a certain area where our ancestors lived and then seeing if there was ever an article about that person or a family member can provide such additional information for you research. If you...


  • History Pin

    Jan 31

    Part of learning about your ancestors, their lives and their journeys is learning about the history and places they experienced. To know you relative better, you do have to know about the times they lived, what happened that may have directly affect them and what was the hometown like for them to live in. Now online is a web site title 'History...


  • Naturalization Index for Canada

    Jan 11

    With the United states bordering the nation of Canada to the north and many immigrates from European nations first arriving in Canada before later moving to the United States, the Naturalization Index Records for Canada can be very useful. It is online and broken into naturalization records from 1915 to 1939 and another section going from 1939 ...


  • Help in the British Isles

    Dec 22

    Many of us have ancestors who originated in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Being on this side of the 'pond' (Atlantic Ocean) can make it difficult at times locating resources in our quest of our British family tree. There is a good reference site online titled "Researching Historic Buildings in the British Isles". Now you may not...


  • Victorian Photos – 1870s

    Nov 18

    Many photographs taken in other parts of the world during certain time periods can be just as useful in helping a family researcher today understand life of their ancestors of another era. Yes, it is great to have images of our relatives, their hometown, their shop, home or farm, but it one should also see the bigger scene, the life-style overall. ...


  • Gravestone Images in the United Kingdom

    Oct 30

    Being hundreds of years old, there are many long standing cemeteries throughout the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). With many of us having ancestors from the British Isles, it is a bonus to have several online listing of cemeteries and images of gravestones available, saving us a trip overseas. Starting with Grave...


  • Vintage British Films – BFI Films

    Oct 4

    Photos of hometowns and people are great, but even better are vintage films, action of people and events as it happened. The BFI Films has quite a collection of such vintage films, many dating back to the 1890s, showing royalty and common people of the United Kingdom. They have a simple search box, where you select which format you wish to see (inc...


  • Library & Archives of Canada

    Sep 14

    With the entire northern length of the United States bordered with the Commonwealth nation of Canada, it is very possible a few ancestors were born, lived or died there. In fact an aspect most people don't realize is that many young men during World War I who were not accepted in the military in their native United States (health or occupational re...