• Immigrates to England: 1801 – 1871 & 1918 – 1957

    Sep 4

    We always tend to think of people resettling in the United States or Canada, however, many people resettled in the 19th and 20th century in England, coming from other European, African or Asian nations. The National Archives for the United Kingdom has a collection of those individuals seeking to be admitted to England between 1801 and 1871. The ...


  • Women’s Occupations by Another Name

    Jun 26

    Our mothers, grandmothers, great aunts have come a long way in the number and types of occupations available to women over the decades. However, even in 2013 there are still some positions very limited in numbers due to them still being male dominated - example being professional horse racing jockeys. To better know some of the types of occupati...


  • London – 1841 to 1901

    May 29

    There are always so many new and different collections put together as databases, the selection many times appears staggering. One that is quite different and could prove to be very useful to some in their family history research centers around the grand city of London in England and goes from 1841 to 1901. It is a database of names of individuals ...


  • British Service Deceased Online

    May 25

    Since 2008 United Kingdom and Northern Ireland records of burials and cremations with the registrar records, maps of cemeteries and photos of headstones have been made digital and placed online by the British Service Deceased Online. As of January 2013 there were 6 million individuals in 15 million records in their database. Most (2 million) are ...


  • Believing a Tombstone

    May 9

    In gathering and reviewing numerous resources for your family history you sometimes wish there was one source you could count on as always accurate in the information provided. You would think a birth certificate would be right but it is only as precise as the person providing the information or the people receiving the info. That factor is true i...


  • Dublin, Ireland – Digital Collections

    Apr 3

    The University of Dublin in Ireland with the Trinity College Library has made available in digital format a good portion of their collections making them accessible on the Internet. The collections include paintings, maps, photos, documents, postcards, books, public broadsides (posters) and manuscripts all relating to Dublin, Ireland and with other...


  • Privateers During the War of 1812

    Mar 2

    You may think a privateer and a pirate are one in the same. True, they both raided and plundered ships on the high seas. The big difference was that a privateer was private and operated under a letter of marque issued by a national government. Over the centuries there have been hundreds of privateers for different nations. For the United States ...


  • City of London Archives

    Feb 26

    Many Americans (men and women) were stationed in the city of London during World War I and II and got to know about its people and the city. Still other individuals have ancestors who were born and raised in London or lived there during part of their life. It is just one of those major cities of the world with a very strong connection to the Unite...


  • UK Records-BMD

    Jan 1

    For those researchers with ancestors in the United Kingdom (England-Wales-Scotland and Northern Ireland) remember to check the databases of the FreeBMD online. It contains some 221 million records and it is free access. The records are of the civil registration index for births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales and new ones are continuing ...


  • Google Newspapers Around the Globe

    Dec 20

    The search engine on the Internet is a valuable tool. One of the most well-known and innovated search engines is Google. It can be extremely useful for family history research. Their newspaper collections are outstanding. Since newspaper, big and small circulation are the window to a community, the use of newspaper articles for family research has ...