Family Heritage

  • Look at Historic Events on a Specific Day

    Jan 5

    You always want to know important dates related to your ancestors, such as their birth-marriage and death date. Once you have gathered the month, day and year, a really interesting aspect to add is any historical events that occurred on that very date. You could focus on the years that an ancestor lived or cover the years before, during and after t...


  • Swastika in Your Family History?

    Dec 5

    You would never want to find your ancestor was a supporter of Nazi Party and their symbol of the swastika. The world knows the terror of the 1930s-1940s of the German Nazi Party and the fear of seeing a swastika brought. Even today, that swastika still represents those supporting the values of the Nazi Party. In 1925, Adolf Hitler in his writings o...


  • Outstanding Skills

    Nov 7

    When doing the research and investigating every lead about your ancestors you can strongly develop certain skills … almost 'outstanding' in levels. You usually will need a couple of this skills to be successful in your research. If you lack any specific skill, this is where you call in help from family and friends. Do not hesitate to ask, many pe...


  • Colonial Early Church Records

    Oct 3

    If you have found that some of your early ancestors in America lived in Massachusetts Colony and were of a specific church (Puritan, Congregational, and Christian denominations) you are in special luck. Now available online from the Congregational Library and Archives are the church records from many early individual churches in Massachusetts. Thes...


  • Make Digital those Photos

    Sep 27

    You have put off that task long enough. Now is the time to make digital your collection of photos. Recruit some help from a family member or friend and make it a party. One of the easiest methods is using a portable scanner especially if you have boxes of photos. I had six very large plastic boxes from my mother-in-law who had passed away and I ...


  • Check Local Newspapers for Info on Pre-Wedding

    Sep 9

    Using your local hometown newspapers have so many great potentials for family history information. One major area overlooked are the many events before a family wedding. Yes, you want the newspaper to announce and maybe even a wedding photo of the bride and groom but there is also much to be learned if you can locate articles in reference to the co...


  • 50 States’ Archives

    Sep 5

    All the 50 US states keep archives relating to people, places, businesses and events covering the state's history. This may have been a resource you have not investigated to date. If you have, did you only do the states you ancestors live in or did you do also the bordering states? State archives have been made digital, so you can now go to any of...


  • Antiquated American Phrases and Sayings

    Aug 29

    Part of learning about your ancestors' life and times is knowing more of the once common phrases and sayings they may have used. Many of them now are unknown to the present generations. Here are a few samples of American phrases no longer used: Happy cabbage – a large amount of available money to spend on one's self. From the 1880s.   See th...


  • Finding Vintage Photos and Ephemera

    May 29

    One is always on the lookout for family vintage photos, and you should be because you never know where one can turn up. Of course, you check with all living relatives, some who do not even realize they have tucked away old photos. Offer to assist them to sort the photos. An online site named 'Ancestorville' loves looking in all types of places (ya...


  • Collections of the American West

    May 25

    As you gone through searching for information about your ancestors, there was usually at least ancestor who choose to leave the eastern section of America and head to the western territories for a new life. Through the collection titled 'Edward D. Graff' with the Newberry Library Collection there is now available a massive collection of photos, do...