Family Heritage

  • Kansas Glass Negatives

    Aug 23

    Finding the lost and forgotten photos is great. There could be untold treasures in such a find. Located at the Fort Hayes State University in Kansas is such a collection. However, these are not ordinary photos but rather glass plates negatives. They were from the William R. Gray Studio in St. John, Stafford County, Kansas. What makes these even bet...


  • Postcards – Lancaster Co, England 1901-1911

    Aug 17

    In the central western portion of England is the county of Lancaster. Many families over the decades lived in Lancaster in cities like Manchester but eventually immigrated to America especially in the early years of the 20th century. Lancaster University has made available online for Free a large collection of about 1,000 postcards either of place...


  • Colonial Philadelphia, PA Land Owners

    Aug 7

    The University of Pennsylvania's University Archives and Records Center has available, FREE online listing of landowners in the West Philadelphia and the greater Philadelphia area at the time of the American Revolution. The record reflects ownership as of October 1777. Even if your family did not own land in Philadelphia as of 1777, they may have a...


  • Minneapolis, Minnesota 1940s Photos

    Aug 5

    It is so great to discover a treasure, in this case hundreds of photos / negatives of people, places and events in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the 1940s. The family of photographer John Glanton found a treasure trove of images from the Twin Cities of the late 1940s, particularly the African-American community and other people and events (such as para...


  • Sons of the American Revolution

    Jul 26

    Most everyone has heard of the DAR - Daughters of the American Revolution started by Flora Adams Darling in 1890 in Washington, D. C. After the American Centennial celebration in 1876 there had been renewed interest in American history yet over the next 15 years all the history-minded clubs created were male oriented such as first organization of d...


  • Read between the Census Lines

    Jun 20

    The use of US Federal and state census records are invaluable for anyone doing family history research. Unfortunately, you might not be looking at all the details and information each census record offers. Starting with the left side look at and record any information and number relating to where the family house is located. Not every year had th...


  • Utah Newspapers

    Jun 9

    Having newspapers that cover hometown news, events, families and individuals is a treasure chest for information. The University of Utah has placed online a long list of local newspapers; titled the 'Utah Digital Newspapers' from across Utah covering many different time frames. They have them from all the state's counties with some dating back to ...


  • Make a Short Video from Photos

    Jun 5

    It is great to create a story of an ancestor or of a specific family branch. Using the '' online software, you can do it easily. Use family photos to make a short video on any person, event or subject can be quite creative and fun. The 'Spark.Abode' site can assist you all the way, helping to add special graphics, creating a web sit...


  • Dublin, Ireland Prisoner Records – 1905-1918

    Jun 3

    You might not want to find an ancestor in these sets of records, but if a relative lived in Dublin in the early 20th century and had a few 'social' run in with the law, you will find this source invaluable. There were many social conflicts in Dublin during those years and many arrests made by the police. The records on this Dublin police database...


  • The ‘Other’ Search Engines

    May 27

    In any type of research and especially when working on your family history, you are very dependent on the use of search engines on the Internet to attempt to locate a document, database, photos, a record, a journal, letters, or book that could provide that little key bit of information missing about your ancestors. Google is always number one when...