Family Heritage

  • Australian Newspapers – Trove

    Jan 13

    Using newspapers is very valuable resource in doing family history. Using Trove (National Library of Australia), will assist those who had ancestors living, visiting or working in Australia. However, just like all newspapers, they also carried news events / happenings in other countries. So any unusual or special events in the United States or Engl...


  • TONI – The Ontario Name Index

    Sep 17

    If you have had ancestors from Ontario, Canada, this TONI database name index will be very helpful. In the search box, with over 3.1 millions names indexed can prove to be quite a resource. Place a family name in the box. You may need to try different spellings. The placement of the surname 'Rue' produced 12 results with five of those 'La Rue'....


  • Ancestral Weddings in the 19th Century

    Aug 27

    This being my 32nd wedding anniversary, I'll provide some information on what a wedding for our ancestors in the 1800s might have been. Most weddings were held in a private home - the bride's family or groom's family or even a friend's home. About the 1820's church weddings started becoming more popular, but home weddings continued to remain pop...


  • Flirtation Cards

    Aug 25

    Yes, these really existed in the late 1800s (1870s to 1900). It was a method for either a young lady or young man to make known to the other their interest in each other. It was a very early form of texting someone today. It was a way to introduce yourself rather than using the formal calling call. On the flirtation card you let if be known that...


  • 1880 Census Terms – Delinquent, Defective and Dependent

    Aug 15

    >It appears on the 1880 US Federal Census, many individuals were classified - given a 'label' to fit their behavior or circumstances. If a person was in local jail, he would be labeled 'delinquent'. It was taken a step further in 1880 with the Special Schedule of Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes (sometimes called the DDD Schedule) a...


  • Grandpa’s Collections

    Aug 9

    There are all types of collections; those souvenirs, items such as matchbook covers, menus, tickets, toys, records, brass pieces, musical instruments, early radios, stamps, buttons, and cups/saucers that a family members may have collected during their life. These items are not just what your relative like to collect, but can also speak volumes ...


  • Find the Humor

    Aug 7

    You are busy collection and researching the vital records on your ancestors, did you ever spot some notation or phrase that made you break out into full blown laughter?? So where might you find such humor? Start by really examining what was written in an ancestor's Will. Many times the decease had the last word, by placing some unusual or strange ...


  • Family Heritage Month

    Jul 28

    The month of August is known as 'Family Heritage Month.' So what is family heritage? By definition: Researching your family tree would help you gain a sense of your personal heritage. It is those cultural traits passed down through the generations from great grandparents to grandparents to parents. It can include personality and skill traits, such ...


  • Postcards of Ancestral Places

    Jul 13

    To step back in time to know more about your family and their hometown is to locate a postcard. The collecting and sending of postcards (some with actual photos) was a very popular social sharing activity for decades. Especially between the late 1890s into the 1950s, postcards were saved and shared all the time. Not used just during a vacation bu...


  • Family Reunion ‘Musts’. 8 Creative Ideas.

    Jul 7

      Need ideas for this summertime -- well it is a great opportunity to arrange a family reunion. It doesn't have to super large, it could even be a certain family branch. Whichever family members are invited is up to the host. The most important item is to do certain activities while you or the host has everyone gathered in one spot. First, s...