Family Heritage

  • Digital Public Library of America

    May 11

      This online site, Digital Public Library of America, has a massive collection of many photos, letters, documents, maps, records, etc from across the United States - all in digital format. Using the broad search page you see many topics / subjects in which to search. You can also use the search box in the upper right side to look for a spec...


  • Why are You Having Problems Locating an Ancestor?

    Mar 27

    Have you asked yourself that question more than once? Don't worry, everyone, no matter how experienced has one or more ancestors that they barely have a partial name much less any other information about. So the following are some approaches or ideas of what might be cause. Number one reason you might be able to locate more on a specific ancesto...


  • Additional Michigan Death Records

    Mar 25

    Being able to view an ancestor's official death record is very important as a primary source in doing the family tree. Not only to have birth and death dates listed on the document, but person who provided information on the decease as well as what the person died of. The burial location, cemetery name, is usually provided and if there was a surv...


  • Some Strange English Idioms

    Mar 23

    You could have heard some of the following expressions and sayings all your life and never knew how or why some of them started. Well, they all started with our ancestors, for one reason or another. See how many of the following idioms you recognize. All the origins of the phrases come from Anais John, an English Language specialist. Rub the Wr...


  • The ‘Old Kentucky’ Home

    Mar 21

    Kentucky has a long history, first as a pioneer region for those who wanted a new area to settle, away from the Atlantic coast. Most early settlers were along the Ohio River, which borders to the north. If you has ancestors at any time born, raised or lived in the territory or state of Kentucky you will need to review this site, 'Kentucky Digita...


  • March – Women’s History Month

    Mar 6

      Since a measure was first passed the US Congress in 1981 and the first celebration held March 1982, the month of March as been recognized as 'Women's History Month' - that time to reflect and fully appreciate the massive contributions by women across the globe and over many different decades. There have been and will be numerous programs an...


  • Add Data to Scanned Family Photos

    Feb 19

      One of the best activities you can do to help preserve the family heritage is to scan the numerous family photos. That includes gathering those collections of photos from other family members. During the cold winter months or in the heat of summer, set aside time to at least start or finish that project. It is so great to have all those ima...


  • Celebrate your Heritage with Christmas ornaments that reflect it.

    Nov 7

    Want to add a little bit of genealogy to your Christmas tree? Add some ornaments that reflect your family's heritage. Doing so adds a personalized touch that can be a conversation starter when the guests arrive. Children who notice these special ornaments might ask questions about their family history. A new generation of genealogists can grow from...


  • Decorating with Family Heritage

    Aug 17

    I have blogged before about displaying family heritage in your home with examples like an ancestor wall, shadow boxes, or heritage blocks. Decorating your home with family heritage is a good idea for a few reasons. First, your children will know where they come from, ask questions, and be more interested in genealogy and family history. Second, it ...


  • Family History Blocks

    Aug 15

    Last year, I made some cute wooden blocks (pictured on the left) for my mantel to spell out the word Harvest for my fall decorating. It was a simple task using a 2x4 cut to different sizes, scrapbook paper, mod podge, paint, and vinyl letters. It quickly became one of my favorite holiday decorations. So simple and easy. I recently ran across a s...