Family History

  • Should You Share Dysfunctional Family History?

    Dec 11

    There are two kinds of family stories. One is the collection of warm and fuzzy memories that happened during summer vacations, holidays, and family dinners. The other group is the difficult memories that involve scary situations and possibly abuse. Should you share your dysfunctional family history with other family members? It depends. Is th...


  • Spice Up Your Family Tree with Historical Events

    Dec 5

    Each branch of ancestors on your family tree lived during a certain time frame or era in American History or of other nations in the world. They may or may not have been affected by each historical events (weather, wars, economic depression, elections, etc) but you can do some research to better learn of what events happened during their life. The...


  • Hints Using Genealogy Blogs

    Aug 4

    Even the most experienced family history researcher needs a few hints to help solve those 'brick walls'. A couple sources would be to follow specific online blogs that tend to specialize in certain areas, locations or research problems. So the following are couple such blogs that might interest you. FAMILY TREE KNOTS When we say 'brick walls th...


  • Family History Stories can be Scintillating

    Jul 5

    Family historians get excited about discovering stories about their ancestors lives – and rightfully so. Those stories paint a vivid picture of the ancestor's personality, opinions, and experiences. Unfortunately, some people who aren't interested in genealogy or family history may think that listening to old stories is boring. They may bristl...


  • Share Your Family Story on Sutori

    Jun 20

    Sutori is a place where people can create and share visual stories. You can do it individually, or get your other family members involved and share stories in a collaborative way. Sutori has been designed to be extremely easy to do. Sutori is free for everyone to use. People can use Sutori as a place to share whatever story they want to tell....


  • Benefits of Writing Your Family History

    Jun 2

    There are many good reasons to write your family history. Those stories can make it easier for you, and your relatives, to connect with ancestors. Writing down family history makes it more concrete, and less likely to be forgotten. In addition, there are some personal benefits of writing your family history. The New York Public Library put to...


  • Include Historical Events in Your Family History

    May 20

    The story you want to write about your ancestor's life is important. You can make that story more relatable if you include some context by writing about the historical events that happened at the time the story was taking place. The historical events help pinpoint the story to a specific place in time. Where were you when …. a significant hi...


  • Tell Your Mom’s Story

    May 17

    Did you spend a nice day with your mother on Mother's Day? One of the easiest relatives to document and tell their life story would be your mother. Not all individuals of course, but most will have their mother still alive or recently passed (using another person) making it easier to get their story. Start by making notes of what you do know alrea...


  • Family History Research Revealed Identity Theft

    Apr 27

    Genealogists and family historians typically use in order to learn more about their relatives and ancestors. The popular genealogy website has many collections of a variety of records that hold important personal information. One user discovered a case of identity theft while using Nathan Laskoski died i...


  • Reasons to Share Family History with Your Kids

    Apr 19

    Would you like your children to become familiar with their family history? The best way to do it is to actively teach it to them. Children of all ages can learn the stories that have been passed down from one generation to the next. There are plenty of reasons to share your family history with your kids. Your Kids Don't Know the Stories Many ...


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