Family History

  • Family History Ideas

    Oct 25

    You spend time gathering, collecting and verifying your family history ... so what is the next step. Of course, you never really 'finish' research on your ancestors, there is always something new to discover. However, if you want some ideas for greater enjoyment and to share what you have found, here are a few. First, one of the main items you ha...


  • Ways to Get Kids Interested in Genealogy

    Sep 13

    Those who spend hours doing genealogy research typically find it to be fun and fascinating. Genealogists understand how all those pieces of information form a picture of an ancestor's life. Children, however, may not be old enough to grasp that concept. Older kids might see your research as a lot of “homework”. There are some ways to get kids i...


  • Genealogy and Family History are not the Same

    Sep 12

    It isn't unheard of for people combine family history and genealogy together. There are conferences and webinars that are described as being for “genealogists and family historians”. The two can be combined, but genealogy and family history are not the same. The best way to understand the differences between genealogy and family history is t...


  • Labor Day – Your Ancestors at Work

    Sep 5

    The annual public holiday in the United States of Labor Day began in the 1880s by organized trade unions in several different states to recognize the American worker. One of the first big parades was held in New York City in 1882. The state of Oregon was the first to make the celebration an official state holiday in 1887. By 1894 a total of 30 stat...


  • What’s New on FamilySearch – August 2016

    Sep 3

    FamilySearch is frequently adding new things, and making changes to, what they offer to genealogists and family historians. The best way to keep up with what's new is to read the FamilySearch blog. At the end of every month, there is a list of things that are new on FamilySearch. You might find something that you weren't aware of and that you are e...


  • Southern Baby Names

    Aug 19

    Do you have ancestors who lived in the Southern United States? If so, then you may have grown up with a lot of Southern culture (even if you didn't live in the South yourself). There are baby names that are widespread in the South. What does a person mean when they say their family lives in “the South”? According to the U.S. Census Bureau �...


  • Think There is No Difference in Genealogy vs. Family History?

    Aug 4

    Definition: Genealogy - a study of family ancestors with pertinent data such as birth, marriage and death dates. Family History - an in-depth study of a family lineage with greater emphasize and clarification of each ancestor’s life story. Any beginner to genealogy will start with just learning the individuals in the family. Their parents’ f...


  • Information to Look for in Old Newspapers

    Jul 22

    People tend to think that old newspapers should go straight to the recycle bin. Genealogists, however, know that old newspapers could have treasures inside them! The stack of newspapers you found while cleaning a deceased relative's home could have important information. There are many things to look for in old newspapers. Obituaries An old new...


  • Interesting Questions to Ask Your Relatives

    Jul 16

    Where should you begin when you start writing down your family history? Some people start with a relative's earliest memories, and work forward. Others pick a significant experience in an ancestor's life and start there. Another option is to start by asking your relatives a question that will naturally lead to a story. Here are some interesting que...


  • What Your Ancestor’s Summer Picnics Were Like

    Jul 14

    Picnics today can be as simple as driving your family to the local park to eat sandwiches and drink sodas while sitting on a picnic blanket. Or, you might use the grill at the park to cook hot dogs while you are there. Have you ever wondered what your ancestor's summer picnics were like? Victorians enjoyed having picnics. The popularity of picni...