Family History

  • Gold Mine Found With Family Histories

    Aug 26

    Libraries, museums and genealogical societies across the country are the keepers for many family histories that have been written over the decades. Copies can be held by numerous families members, but many times those family histories written years ago also are in estate sales and lost to the family. Fortunately, many such family history books h...


  • Start with a Good General Search Site

    Aug 22

    If you are just beginning or have been doing family history research for awhile, it is always beneficial to check out some of the basic online genealogical sites.  A good overall general site is Access Genealogy. It has been and remains a free resource online for genealogical data. The original backbone to the site over ten years ago was inform...


  • Views of Pittsburgh, PA

    Aug 20

    In recent years there are new and exciting additions coming online for researchers.  One that is especially fabulous are the collections of photographs of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the 20th century. True, this will have a limited audience of researchers with ancestors from that city, but if you did have any relatives from that we...


  • Re-Visiting the Past in the Present

    Aug 19

    I ran across this cool blog/website the other day that I have had so much fun looking at. It is a series of photographs of photographs. Sound confusing? Well, it's pretty simple actually. The author of the blog explains it this way, "take a picture of a picture from the past in the present." Still confused? Go here to check it out. Here is wha...


  • Scenes of Old Richmond, Virginia

    Aug 6

    The fine city of Richmond, Virginia dates back to the early 1700s. A region known in those early years for coal mining and its fine agriculture had the city of Richmond developed by Colonel William Byrd II in 1737. He selected the city’s name of Richmond for the area of Richmond, England where the Thames River flows through it just as the James ...


  • An Album for Man’s Best Friend

    Aug 4

    Did you know that Martha Stewart has a whole section on her website dedicated to pets? Yep. It's true. We love our pets don't we? They are so very much a part of our everyday lives, and definitely a part of our family. If you knew the history that my own cat and I share in her 3 1/2 short years of life, you would laugh about me even dedicating a...


  • Why Bother Finding Your Ancestors?

    Jul 27

    Boy, that question may have been asked of you more than once. You may have even now questioned yourself why you are putting in the time and effort to research about your ancestors. You should re-examine your motives from time to time, especially during those times when you hit nothing but road blocks in your research.  Well, hopefully the foll...


  • An Online Backup Program – Save Your Research

    Jul 21

    Using software programs on a computer such as Family Tree Maker, Legacy or  RootsMagic are great methods to organize the collection of ancestral names, dates, location and detailed information.  You put a good deal of time into researching and organizing the data on the software programs, you certainly do not want anything to happen to that hard ...


  • Some Serious and Wacky Genealogical Sayings

    Jul 19

    You have worked for hours, weeks and months on the family tree.  The pedigree chart is slowly taking shape, but there are still many blanks, with no clues to learn further.  Patience is the most important aspect of family history research.  That is one reason it can take a very long period of time before you feel you have made a dent in unraveli...


  • Throw a Party to Get Your Family Involved

    Jul 18

    Are you the only one in your family that is interested in family history? Do you sometimes discover a story about an ancestor that you want to share with other family members? Do you wish you had someone in your extended family doing the "digging" with you? Then, I might just have an idea to help get others in your family involved and excited about...