Family History

  • A Cookbook Scrapbook

    Mar 24

    One thing that I received when I married into my husband's family was a copy of the Ethington Family Cookbook. It has since become one of my "go-to" cookbooks that I use regularly. I love the old fashioned, simple recipes that are usually made from ingredients that you already have around the house. In the front of this cookbook is this old fami...


  • Converting Slides to Digital

    Mar 17

    If you are at all interested in family history, then there is a likelihood that you have some old slides lying around. Or, it could be that you have hundreds of old slides lying around. Whatever the situation, there are ways in this digital age to convert your old slides into digital format in order to view them easier, and have a way to print thos...


  • An Ancestor Wall

    Mar 15

    Growing up, my Mom had old family photographs on the wall. Central in those photographs was a glamorous picture of my maternal grandparents. It is interesting to see your "old" relatives in their younger years. I love that photo of them, and have a copy of my own as well. In my husband's home, he had a similar wall. His Mom jokingly called it th...


  • An Album for a Special Family

    Mar 10

    When scrapbooking your family history, sometimes you have hardly any information on a family of your ancestors, and sometimes, you may know a lot about one specific family. In this article, we are going to address the issue of creating an entire album around one particular family in your lineage. Let's say that you have an old photograph such as th...


  • Choosing an Album

    Mar 8

    If you are new to scrapbooking, then you may walk into a scrapbook store and be overwhelmed, and easily confused! It is hard to know what to buy, and which products are good ones. But, the truth is, you can make it as easy, or complex as you want. If you are scrapbooking your family history, then most likely you want clean, simple looking scrapbook...


  • A Love Story Album

    Mar 3

    Putting together an album all about a couple's love story can be a great way to scrapbook your family history. Start with a couple that is close to you, like your parents. This is a great way to document their love story and save it for generations to come. A marriage is definitely not the beginning. Do some digging, and you will end up with a s...


  • Heritage Scrapbooking Products-Karen Foster Design

    Feb 25

    I went to my local scrapbooking store last weekend, and had a great time. For me, it's like a special treat to look at papers, and stickers, and pens, and all things scrapbooking. I could literally spend hours in scrapbooking stores dreaming up layouts, and special projects. As I was browsing and happily thinking about my children off on another...


  • Heritage Scrapbooking

    Feb 24

    Scrapbooking your family history is a special type of scrapbooking. It involves people that represent where you came from, and make up who you are. There is a special term that has been coined in the scrapbooking world to describe this type of scrapbooking. The term is Heritage Scrapbooking. The definition of the word heritage is, "something tha...


  • Scrapbook Shadow Boxes

    Feb 23

    Many times, you may inherit something that cannot fit onto a page of a photo album. Maybe it is too big and bulky, or it is simply something more precious that you would like to display in your home. Scrapbooking a shadow box is a great answer! Shadow boxes vary in size. Some have cubbies and shelves to separate items. Some are simply a box wi...


  • Scrapbook A Family Tree-Part II

    Feb 21

    After writing my article, Scrapbook a Family Tree, I realized that I wanted to sit down with my cousin and ask her a few more questions about what she learned while creating the family tree. I thought asking her these questions could shed light on what you can learn and experience through scrapbooking your family history. Here are a few of the ques...