Family History

  • Preserving Veteran Letters

    Feb 18

    My Grandfather was a medic in WWII. He had already met my Grandmother before he left to go to war. They did not marry until he returned home after the war. He was a true army hero, and received a purple heart for being injured during the war. He was a paratrooper, and unarmed as he jumped from the sky to save lives on the ground below. My Grandp...


  • Your Family Tree – Where to Begin

    Feb 7

    Starting your family tree is a deceptively simple sounding task. If you are new to genealogy, you might be unaware of where to find the data that you need in order to fill out even the least complex versions of a family tree template. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of work that may be ahead of you. Before you get discouraged, you sh...


  • Create Your Medical Family Tree

    Jan 9

    One of the most important things you can do for your health is to take the time to create a Medical Family Tree. Many diseases and disorders run in families, and the more you know about what could be lurking in your genes, the better chance you have of making choices that could affect your health in a very positive way. A great time to start p...


  • Storage Devices and Their Longevity

    Dec 21

    Paper has the longest history of longevity, with documents dating back for centuries. For the family historian, they need to be aware of the numerous devices available to keep their precious research safe and how long they might expect them to last. Typically, it has always been the paper pedigree family charts, along with information and notes wr...


  • Facebook and Family History

    Dec 20

    One of the best known social networking sites is Facebook ( It can be a wonderful way to connect with other family historians anywhere in the world. This type of networking can provide some great assistance, especially if you have hit a brickwall in some of your research. You can also share your ancestral information and just m...


  • Put These On A Genealogist’s Holiday Wish List

    Dec 13

    Oh, where does a family genealogist begin when asked what they would like as a gift for the holidays? Whether a family historian is a novice or experienced pro, there are always some special items that can help the researcher. The first idea, especially if the researcher has a computer, would be one of the software programs for compiling, sortin...


  • Don’t Snooze – Back Up Your Computer Family Data

    Dec 12

    Hopefully you have a separate file on your personal computer with the notes, charts, photos, census information and data you have amassed on your ancestors. You could well have it organized into one of the many family history computer software programs; such as Family Tree Maker, Legacy, The Master Genealogist, RootsMagic, Reunion 9 and Family Hist...


  • Ahnentafel Charts Make Things Clear

    Dec 8

    There are different formats that a Family Tree might take. Depending on the style of the chart that you are using, it might show five, six, seven, or even more generations. Some family tree charts get so full of information that it can be difficult to understand exactly how one ancestor relates to another one, or how either of them relate to you. I...


  • Your Living Relatives are a Resource

    Oct 27

    Every genealogist has access to a resource that is filled with information, easy to find, and fun to use. Unfortunately, many genealogists overlook this wonderful resource, or do not recognize it for the treasure that it is. What is it? It is the genealogist's very own family! If you are looking for family stories, the best place to start is by ...


  • Alabama Genealogy

    Oct 19

    White Inhabitants in the area of what would become Alabama date back to explorers from Spain in the early 1500s. Over the years, Spain, France and England have laid claim to portions of the land. With the beginning of 1700s, French settlers were established near present-day Mobile. From the mid-1700s to 1800 with various wars among the Europeans,...