Family History

  • Copies of Records from

    Oct 12

     The (Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah) was able for a brief time to scan a copy of a requested document, info from microfilm, book, record, CD, vital record, deed, etc. into digital format (JPG or PDF) and attach to your email address to be sent to you.   By mid-2015 they have stopped (discontinued) that service. �...


  • Could Genetics Shape Your Political Beliefs?

    Sep 28

    Do you come from a family that has always voted for a particular political party? There could be a genetic reason that influences people toward one political party and away from an opposing one. That being said, a person's political beliefs can also be influenced by how their parents presented their own political beliefs. Genealogists might disc...


  • Genealogy and the Mormon Religion

    Sep 15

    Every genealogist has his or her own, personal, reasons for beginning to research their family tree. Maybe they were inspired to get started on genealogy after watching a TV show that focused on this popular hobby. For those who happen to be Mormon, genealogy is more than just a hobby. Genealogy connects to the Mormon religion. FamilySearch i...


  • Why You Should Write Your Family History

    Sep 10

    Writing your family history can seem like a monumental task. Genealogists who don't consider themselves to be good writers might feel as though they cannot possibly write their family history. It can be an intimidating project to start, but there are plenty of good reasons why you should write your family history. The New York Public Library p...


  • 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Unusual

    Sep 1

    The No Story Too Small blog has come up with a series of writing prompts for family historians. If you did each and every one of them, you will end up blogging about 52 ancestors in 52 weeks. It is also entirely possible to pick and choose which themes you want to cover, or to substitute your own themes instead. One of the optional themes fo...


  • Genetics Affect What Age Women Have Their First Child

    Jul 29

    Want to do something a little different with your genealogy research? Figure out how old your female relatives and ancestors were when they had their first child. A study reveals that genetics plays a role in what age a woman will have her first baby and the total number of children she will have. Many women are waiting to start their family lat...


  • Ted Cruz’s Book Reveals Family History

    Jul 27

    There are a whole lot of people who have announced that they are running for President in 2016 on the Republican ticket. Some of them, including Lindsey Graham, Carly Fiorina, and Ted Cruz, have released a brand new book about themselves not long after their campaign started. The Ted Cruz book reveals some of his family history, which may be of int...


  • ‘Juicy’ Stories About Your Ancestors

    Jul 11

    Whether you are just starting or have been working on your family tree for while, you might think there are no interesting, fascinating or intriguing stories about your relatives. The real life facts are that every family tree does have interesting stories about their ancestors -- it is just a matter of uncovering them. Most of the time family ta...


  • 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Independent

    Jul 7

    Need some ideas for your family history blog? The No Story Too Small blog has been creating four new ideas every month. Those who started this project at the beginning of the year would end up with blogs about 52 of their ancestors by the end of the year. One of the topics that they picked for this month is “independent”. The topics selec...


  • Tennessee4Me

    Jun 7

    If you have ancestors from Tennessee and especially if they were in the state during the American Civil War, you are in luck. The online site 'Tennessee4Me' has a great deal of information and some photos related to those during the 1860s in Tennessee. There is a search box in the upper right corner that can help you get started with a town's na...