Family History

  • Traits You May have Inherited from a Neanderthal

    Feb 26

    There are DNA testing kits that can tell you where in the world your ancestors originated from. National Geographic's Genographic Project can reveal what percentage of your genome is connected to specific regions of the world. It can also reveal if you have Neanderthal or Denisovan ancestry. It has been said that there are some traits that peo...


  • Best Free Genealogical Websites – Updated

    Feb 20

      With utilization of the Internet and computers, either in your home or those in libraries, there is a vast assortment and variety of websites to assist you in genealogy research. The following is an essential list of some of the free use web sites that should become familiar to every researcher. 1. Family Search The 'gold-standard' reso...


  • Add Data to Scanned Family Photos

    Feb 19

      One of the best activities you can do to help preserve the family heritage is to scan the numerous family photos. That includes gathering those collections of photos from other family members. During the cold winter months or in the heat of summer, set aside time to at least start or finish that project. It is so great to have all those ima...


  • How to Know What NOT to Share

    Feb 18

    Genealogy research can be exciting! You could uncover family history that tells stories of bravery, deception, secret love affairs, or “madness”. It can be very tempting to post everything onto your genealogy blog or social media. But, is that really a good idea? Before you share what you discovered, take a moment to view this list of things yo...


  • Skeletons in the Family Closet

    Feb 17

      If you are one of those a bit afraid to go searching too deep into your family past -- have no fear, everyone has on some part of their family tree a couple scandalous characters, or a bigamist, or the notorious relative or even the illegitimate child. It can turn out to be a fascinating journey trying to uncover their hidden, secret life. ...


  • Canadian Gravesites

    Feb 15

    With the United States and Canada as neighbors as well as many people having moved to one or the other country over the decades, it is important to have family history resources for both countries. You never know when a missing ancestors from Newfoundland was in New York for a few years and then returned to Canada or a native from Michigan travel...


  • Valentines and Love Letters

    Feb 14

      Our ancestors wrote long letters to their loved ones. You may have a collection of such letters or journals handed down in the family. With Valentine's Day this weekend, make it a point to see if you or someone in the family does have some of the relative's letters to other family members. It doesn't have to be between boyfriend-girlfriend...


  • Cost of Living for our Ancestors

    Feb 13

    Here is an interesting aspect to research and add to information relating to your ancestors -- the cost of daily household items or special purchases. For example do some comparison of the cost of items used by your relatives and see quite a few differences. Of course there would be differences based on regions of the country to factor in also. ...


  • 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Love

    Feb 12

    Have you been participating in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks themes from “No Story Too Small”? The themes are optional, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to do. Or, you can alter one and turn it into something more relevant to your genealogy research. Week 7 of the “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks” optional theme is “Love”. This...


  • Donating Family Archives

    Feb 11

      Yes, you may have tons of family photos, documents, letters, journals, etc saved by the family over the decades. The family keeper of such items tends to be one or two individuals each generation and you might be that person. By all means hold onto family heirlooms and treasures, even if not worth a great deal in cold hard cash -- to your f...