family research

  • Can Do

    Jul 15

    Need some ideas of simple but very useful things to add to your family history research, well here are a few suggestions. Recheck your 'To-Do List', add or subtract what you have written. You can have a a list for short activities plus a list for long-term projects. Continue to sort your collection of family photos / negatives or slides....


  • Safety of Women Online

    Aug 21

    Using the Internet and social media has been a great boom to researching our ancestors over the last 20 years. Yet, there also has developed problems. One's personal passwords getting hacked, private images being leaked online, sensitive data compromised, data being held captive for ransom, are just some of the new problems. So continue with using...


  • WDYTYA – April 3rd

    Apr 1

      The newest season American version of 'Who Do You Think You Are?' (WDYTYA) starts Sunday, April 3rd at 9 pm E / 18 pm C. It is on the TLC channel. The show helps celebrities find their family background - family history. In turn it shows the general public different methods for locating their ancestors.   The names of celebrities to be fe...


  • Record Your Relatives With MyHeritage App

    Mar 28

    MyHeritage is a well known genealogy website that can be used for free. (Those who want access to additional things can pay a subscription). Like many other websites, MyHeritage has its own mobile app, which they update with new features from time to time. Now, you can record your relatives with the MyHeritage App. In January of 2016, MyHeritage...


  • Which Term is Correct?

    Mar 7

    Even if you have been doing family history research for years, there are a few terms or phrases that can still be misspelled or misused. Here are some examples of the wrong and right words. 1. The word 'cemetery' – a location for burials of humans. You may have seen it spelled 'cemetary' – the letter 'a' near the end is not correct.   ...


  • March – Women’s History Month

    Mar 6

      Since a measure was first passed the US Congress in 1981 and the first celebration held March 1982, the month of March as been recognized as 'Women's History Month' - that time to reflect and fully appreciate the massive contributions by women across the globe and over many different decades. There have been and will be numerous programs an...


  • Available on

    Mar 1

      This website, can be of real assistance for any level family history researcher. If you are just starting, the basics are explained in clear and easy to follow formats. If you have been working at the research for awhile, there are informational sections to help you move even further. For the long-time and advanced genealogis...


  • Valentines and Love Letters

    Feb 14

      Our ancestors wrote long letters to their loved ones. You may have a collection of such letters or journals handed down in the family. With Valentine's Day this weekend, make it a point to see if you or someone in the family does have some of the relative's letters to other family members. It doesn't have to be between boyfriend-girlfriend...


  • Cost of Living for our Ancestors

    Feb 13

    Here is an interesting aspect to research and add to information relating to your ancestors -- the cost of daily household items or special purchases. For example do some comparison of the cost of items used by your relatives and see quite a few differences. Of course there would be differences based on regions of the country to factor in also. ...


  • Related to a Celebrity??

    Dec 27

    Everyone loves to knows the life and times of the famous, the notables, celebrities and the stars. What is even better to find they are part of your family tree. You can't go just by a person's surname, since many celebrities have changed their birth surname to a stage name. Some are easy to locate with a surname. I located a second cousin, Glenn ...