family research

  • Just Google It!

    Jan 26

    Google is a great tool for genealogists to use. Not everyone realizes this because Google isn't specifically a genealogy website. Even so, giving Google a try could lead to interesting and useful results. Here are just a few of the ways that using Google can help with your genealogy research. Google News Archive Search Looking for an obituar...


  • GeneLink Biosciences in Trouble with FTC

    Jan 16

    Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered 23andMe to halt sales of their DNA testing kits. Now, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has brought a lawsuit against another company that sells direct-to-consumer DNA test kits. The FTC feels that GeneLink Biosciences (and its former subsidiary foru International) have made claims that wer...


  • Tips for organizing family photos

    Jan 12

    Tips for Organizing Family Photos (and when to throw them away!) Ready to go through that box of old family photos? This is the type of task that looks deceptively easy, but can actually be really time consuming. Fortunately, there are several tips that will help you to efficiently organize all those family photos. Break the task into small ...


  • Free Family History Apps

    Dec 18

    Free Family History Apps You might do the majority of your genealogy research at home. What about if you are working on something away from home? That's where mobile genealogy apps can be helpful. Here are a few to check out that you can download for free. Mobile App The mobile app is now in version 4.0. It is ava...


  • Who Do You Think You Are? The Essential Guide to Tracing Your Family History

    Oct 3

    In the summer of 2009 Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak (yes that is her full name) was approached by the production team for the new television show on NBC, “Who Do You Think You Are?” (WDYTYA) to put together a companion book to compliment the new American-version show. Because of Megan’s years of experience doing live presentations to audiences ac...


  • Scrapbook Your Family Holiday Traditions

    Sep 29

    Although the air isn't quite turning colder yet, I've still got the holidays on my mind. My kids are excited about Halloween, we are having a new baby around Thanksgiving, and who doesn't love Christmas? Most likely, you have a set of traditions for certain holidays. Maybe you have created those within your own little family, or maybe these traditi...


  • Pregnancy Journaling

    Aug 9

    So much of our scrapbooking and memory keeping comes after the baby is born. But, have you ever given thought to keeping a journal while you're pregnant? This can be especially helpful with your first pregnancy. I am pregnant with my third, and half way through my pregnancy. However, this time around I haven't been the greatest at keeping a pregnan...


  • ‘Peopling of America Center’ on Ellis Island

    Jul 13

    Since 2008, the National Park Service and the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation has been working on a state-of-the-art $20 million project to honor those millions of immigrants to America. Since all Americans are either an immigrant or descended from one, this touches everyone. This special project is named Peopling of America Center.  ...


  • Maps — More Than Just for Locations

    Jun 19

    You need maps for many purposes besides finding your way from point A to point B.  They provide information of the land and water sources of a given area.  The population centers and concentration of communities can be featured on a map.  Areas for vegetation, cattle, forests, hills, lakes, etc. can be illustrated using a map. With these and oth...


  • A Rescued Legacy

    Nov 22

    Wesley Wagoner was from Hanover, Pennsylvania and enlisted in the 76th Union Pennsylvania Infantry in October 1862 during the American Civil War. He was a faithful son in writing letters home while stationed in South Carolina. He wrote of the conditions the troops were living under, their military activities, but mostly of his love for his family. ...