family stories

  • Preserve Family History at Library of Congress

    Jul 11

    The Library of Congress for the United States has been collecting and preserving national, state and local histories for centuries, this includes some 50,000 compiled family histories. Many family histories also cover when families lived in other nations outside of the United States before they immigrated to America. Some key items to include or k...


  • Add Context to Your Research for More of the Story

    Jun 10

    Want to add some flavor to your genealogy research or your family history? One great way to do it is by adding some context to fill out what you already know about your ancestors. Doing so can reveal insights that you may have overlooked the first time around. Add Some History Take the time to learn what was going on in the world when your ance...


  • Twitter. Genealogy related accounts you should be following!

    Jan 11

      There are many different types of social media sources that can assist in your family history research -- Facebook, Message Boards and also Twitter. Here are some fantastic genealogy-related Twitter accounts you can follow for additional help and motivation. FamilyTree.comĀ  Follow our advice blog, tips on genealogy, and tips for building...


  • StoryCorps

    Oct 1

    This organization, StoryCorps, since 2003 has recorded ordinary individuals to save their story, no matter how big or small a story they wish to preserve. These recorded stories are preserved at the Library of Congress in their American Folklife Center archive. There are over 60,000 such stories now saved. All it takes is a little bit of time to...


  • A Voice with Every Story

    Aug 31

    With putting your family history together you have created a lasting and permanent record to be shared and enjoyed throughout the decades. But something is missing. The family story is not just names, dates and photos -- there are numerous stories with each individual, family branch or surname. The creators of 'EveryStory' have made that possibl...


  • Weird Places to Find Family Heirlooms

    Aug 25

    Family heirlooms are precious. Often, the value of the heirloom is apparent only to the family it belongs to. Old photos, junk jewelry, and inexpensive knick-knacks bring back memories and connection to ancestors. Sometimes, people find family heirlooms in some very weird and unexpected places. MyHeritage has a helpful blog that includes a list ...


  • Did You Bother to Ask??

    Aug 23

      One of the main genealogical tools overlooked is asking living relatives about themselves and the other relatives / ancestors they have known over the years. True, memories can get a bit hazy over the years and there could be some wrong information given, but it is a wonderful starting point or a way to look in another direction on the fami...


  • Taboo — What to Do With Family Secrets?

    Aug 13

    Oh, it will happen ... you'll come across some information on an ancestor that might be seen as scandalous. Of course in today's standards versus decades ago, the news may not be that disgraceful. You want to backup with facts or proof anything you do find, never accept the first thing you find is correct. Once you do have all the proof do make...


  • Two People Interview

    Apr 9

    Written stories are an excellent method to preserve family history but with modern technology there are still other methods. A non-profit organization found by David Isay known as 'StoryCorps' had been doing interviews with ordinary people across the United States and preserving these vocal recordings with the American Folklife Center in the U. S...


  • Write About You in World Events

    Apr 7

      You love finding information and photos on your ancestors, did it occur to you that YOUR own life story, including those historical moments, need to be written down for future generations. Who better to recount events that yourself who lived it. No matter what achievements you have made even over just ten years are worth noting. Add to tha...