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  • Discovery of Family Treasure in a Safe Deposit Box Part Four and Conclusion

    Feb 1

    A message from the State Treasury of the State of Maryland stated I was the rightful heir to the contents of my grandparent’s safe deposit box which had be unknown to anyone in the family for decades. I couldn’t believe it! I had to replay that phone message a couple of times to make sure of what I was hearing. It was only later in the evening ...


  • Discovery of Family Treasure in a Safe Deposit Box Part Three

    Jan 31

    While waiting to collect all the proper documentation to lay claim to the contents of my grandparents’ 1940s safe deposit box, I even tried contacting the Nations Bank which was now named Bank of America in Frederick. I was hoping to gain further insight about this safe deposit box and why it had been left untouched for decades. The various cu...


  • Discovery of Family Treasure in a Safe Deposit Box Part Two

    Jan 30

    Having just found on the NAUPA web site that my grandparents, who had passed away in the early 1940s, had some property held in 1999 by the state of Maryland Treasury became this great adventure for me. The very next morning after my discovery, I telephoned the Maryland Treasury and told them what I had found on their database. They solicited some ...


  • Twin Sisters Reunite After Eleven Years Apart

    Jan 28

    Eleven years ago, a couple from the UK, John and Anne Ley-Morgan, decided to adopt a child. They went through all the confusion, frustrations, and red tape that is involved when trying to adopt a child from outside of their own country. This year, their adopted daughter, Ellie, who was from Vietnam, was reunited with her twin sister, Huyen, who rem...


  • The Family Search Website Has Been Improved

    Jan 27

    There have been some new changes to the website. FamilySearch, as you may know is the genealogy search website run by the LDS Church. These changes were done both as an effort to keep up with new technology, as well as to add new functionality to the website. Right now, they are doing a “soft launch”, to get things started, and...


  • Photosynth – Enhancing Your Family Images

    Jan 25

    It is great to experiment and try some of the newest digital technology available. One such is called 'Photosynth' available online and produced by Microsoft Live Labs and the University of Washington. This program generates a 3-dimensional model of a collection of photos. The software became available to the general public in mid-2008. Using di...


  • Looking at the 1911 UK Census

    Jan 24

    It was a Sunday evening on April 2, 1911 that the official census was done throughout England, Wales, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands within the United Kingdom. Normally the records are not released for 100 years. The UK National Archives choose to release the 1911 censuses early, by 2009. Now having the information as of April 1911 on some 36 ...


  • Diseases You Can Learn About From Genetic Testing

    Jan 8

    It's kind of amazing what science can come up with. Today, you can order a kit off the internet, provide a sample of blood, cheek cells, or even just some spit, send it off to a lab, and discover important health information that is revealed by your genes. There has been some debate about how accurate some of these tests may actually be. In any cas...


  • State Archives Online – Texas to Utah

    Jan 1

    Texas – The Texas State Library and Archives Commission has their search labeled 'Trail' and it searches through 180 state agencies for information on Texas records and documents. Some of the topics include Military and Ranger Service records from 1836 to 1935 (with a few items covering Confederate Soldiers of Texas, Texas State Police, Spanish-...


  • Using Google to Fill In Your Family Tree

    Dec 30

    So far, my attempts at using the internet to get started working on my family tree have been unsuccessful. Maybe I am using the search engines on the genealogy websites incorrectly. Perhaps my living relatives and ancestors are just incredibly difficult to find. In any case, I haven't been able to find anything of significant value so far. It se...