family tree research

  • Just Starting? Ideas to Begin your Family Tree

    Sep 17

    That's your new goal this Fall, to begin your family tree? First, realize this will be a long project, years in the making - nothing that can be done overnight. However, the lasting reward will be magnificent, a true family treasure. Key to begin - start with yourself. Have a basic family tree chart (pedigree tree) and place your name, birth dat...


  • To Use or Not to Use

    Aug 21

    You found on the Internet or in a book; photos, written material, a family tree, illustrations, etc. that fit with your family lineage. The question arises, are you free to use that material? It is all covered by copyright laws. From the U.S. Copyright Office: "The term of copyright for a particular work depends on several factors, including wh...


  • ‘Fresh’ Eyes

    Jul 15

    You have worked and worked to try to locate a specific item about an ancestor. With no success -- it is referred to as 'hitting' a brick wall. Every researcher -- numerous times will experience that feeling. You just can't locate a certain bit of information. While attending a genealogical program recently, the speaker covered about not finding ...


  • Evernote & Google Keep for Storage

    Jul 5

    With many people having a computer, tablet, laptop, Smartphone or I-Phone, it has been very easy to make and keep handy notes, photos and information. Anyone working on their family history does need a convenient method of collecting information on relatives, then storage.  One of methods to assist this technology is a software program titled '...


  • Check-Off List — Part 2

    Jul 2

    Keeping a list of specific research techniques and resources is important. Back in March 2013 for (Check-off List -Ten ideas to check off your Genealogy Check List!) on the first ten suggestions for your list were offered. The following are ten new additional ideas that you might want to consider completing so you can check them of...


  • Urlist: Organize – Create Lists of Links

    Jun 11

    As you do your research you may come across a specific web site that you find filled with information or photos, one that will take many return visits. So you save the link to that site on your 'favorites' or bookmarks. Good, it is there, but in three weeks when you want to return to it, do you remember the name of the site, can you find it quickly...


  • Introduction to Scrapbooking Your Family History

    Apr 15

    My name is Meredith Ethington and I am so excited for the opportunity to take on this challenge of sharing, writing, and blogging all about scrapbooking your family history. Scrapbooking is a topic near and dear to my heart. So, is genealogy. I started scrapbooking almost 12 years ago when I was a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Chr...


  • Foods of Our Ancestors

    Apr 11

    Since food and eating of meals is essential for life, no matter which century, it is fascinating to look back at different time periods to see what might have been typical food dishes for our ancestors. By examining the 18th century (1700s) food time line, we can better see the types of food and meals available for our relatives. Many of these same...


  • Ohio Photos

    Mar 31

    Have any ancestors from Ohio, then you will want to check on the Ohio Historical Society online site with a variety of images. They are divided into categories - listed at the left. There is also a search box at the top, especially if you are looking for a specific town or person. Or if you know a military regiment an ancestor served with such...


  • Asylum and Insane Hospitals-Lost Ancestors

    Mar 29

    In your research you may well have come across an ancestor that once was part of a family and in the next census or directory listing they are not there. This especially seems to happen to female ancestors during the 1800s. Did they disappear?? They is no obituary or death notice - what happened? I found on my father's British side, two cases in...