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  • Unclaimed Properties within USA

    Mar 29

    The NAUPA, the National Association of Unclaimed Properties Administrators, provides online a listing of all states in America with each state's online unclaimed properties search engine. So what is 'unclaimed property?' By law, any deposits, bank accounts, refunds, stocks, safe deposit contents, dividends, etc not claimed after a specific time pe...


  • United Kingdom Unclaimed Estates

    Mar 27

    Did you have some recent ancestors who lived and died in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland)? If you did, there just might be some form of an unclaimed asset (estate) in their name that the UK government is holding until a relative claims it. Now you can't go back too far, there is a 30 year limit from time of death th...


  • Digital State Archives

    Mar 25

    A good resource to investigate is what is available in the ancestral home state archives. The longer an ancestor lived in a specific state the more likely there can be quite a few records to search. Even if the relative lived but a few years in a certain state, do check that state's archives to see if anything is present. The variety of items in a...


  • Why Are You Doing This Research??

    Mar 23

    Are you motivated to truly put the time and effort into learning your family history? Yes, it does take work and can not be done in a few days. So here are a few points to help keep you sincerely impelled to do the best research you can. Answer the personal question - who are you and how did you get here? It is only by learning about your parents...


  • Complete Questionnaire for a Genealogy Interview

    Mar 21

    Have you ever wondered if you have found the answers to every aspect of an ancestor's life or even for sure the life story of a living relative? Did you forget anything? Well in this PDF form (family-history-questionnaire) is a questionnaire (you can download it and print it) that will cover just about every aspect of an individual and or family's ...


  • Record or Write the Four Main Family Events

    Mar 19

    The easiest family stories are the ones you know. You, the researcher of the family's history, do need to take the time to write-up or make a digital recording of four specific family events for future generations. If either or both of your parents are alive, then they too need to take the time now to place in some format the information for the fo...


  • MacGregors of Scotland

    Mar 15

    Could you believe that a surname and the people attached to that name could be 'banned'? Well, it did happen to the Scottish highland clan surname of MacGregor, including the spelling form of McGregor and Gregor. In 1603 the new king to the English throne was King James IV of Scotland, becoming King James I. Scotland was divided at the time into c...


  • Using ‘Find-A-Grave’ to Locate Family Info

    Mar 13

    The following may be an untapped resource that if you have not used to any extent, do consider it. It is a free online site, "Find-A-Grave". The site listing has information from people’s gravestones (birth and death dates), the cemetery name, grave location and often photos of the grave markers as well. In addition, text of the person's obituar...


  • FamilySearch – Italy

    Mar 11

      There are many Italian immigrates who came to America all during the late 1800s and into the 1900s. There may well be family branches still living in Italy, that would be fun to locate. A good starting point in research relating to databases for Italy is the free on the nation of Italy. Here there are some 42 different dat...


  • FamilySearch – England

    Mar 9

    Many people have ties to England, part of the United Kingdom, especially since America was a British colony before 1776. Yet, many will have ancestors who came to America all during the 1800s and into the 1900s. There may well be family branches still living in England, that would be fun to locate. A good starting point in research relating to dat...