family tree

  • Basic Steps to Start Research

    Jul 13

    The first step is the easiest – simply start with what you know – YOU. Write your own information, birth, place, schooling, military, marriage, children. Then work your way back to your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. Keep the beginning simple – dates and places for your parents, etc. This will give you a good start on your f...


  • You are Here Because of 1,024 Ancestral Lines

    Aug 29

    You might have only thought you are a product of your parents (Mom and Dad), but it does go much further than those two. If you double the number of ancestors in each generation, 2 parents, 4 grandparents, and so on, we can see that by the time you are back 10 generations, you have the potential for 1,024 ancestral lines. True, you might not lea...


  • Poems & Sayings – Ancestors

    May 15

    Dear Ancestor Your tombstone stands among the rest; neglected and alone The name and date are chiseled out on polished, marbled stone It reaches out to all who care It is too late to mourn You did not know that I exist You died and I was born. Yet each of us are cells of you in flesh, in blood, in bone. Our blo...


  • Using a Mobile App

    Apr 9

    For those with a Smart Phone / I-Phone, you can have easy access to your family tree information. Using the App is considered one of the best to use. Right at your fingertips, you will view any new information or hints / clues that come in about your ancestors. There might even be an unknown photo available. With a lit...


  • Free Databases to Use on

    Jan 27 has a wonderful and varied collection of databases to assist in your family history research. Many are available through their subscription plan. However, there are many great databases you can use that are FREE, any time. Go to the site and scroll down and in alphabetical order is the listing of those free databases from Ancestr...


  • Google – History as Illustrated

    Aug 23

    Being able to identify some of the notable historical events in America and the world can really add to your family history. It helps to have a basic overview of some of those major historical events along with available illustrations and photos. Google has done that with its Historical Events page. There are three different methods to search a...


  • Masonic Records

    Aug 19

    Often overlooked resources are Masonic records. Many of your ancestors may have been members of a local Masonic Lodge in their hometown. The Masonic Lodge has been a staple organization in many local communities for decades. This organization includes the ladies, who are members of the Order of the Eastern Star (men can also belong to the East...


  • Did You Ask That??

    Aug 15

    Yes, you have interviewed family members, asked the questions about their birth, marriage, schooling, military service, hometown, but there may be a few special questions you didn't think to ask, especially those that only that relative could answer. Here is a sampling of many lesser asked questions but ones that can have some interestin...


  • Rural-Free Delivery

    Aug 5

    Americans in large towns and cities had been receiving their mail at home since 1863. Unfortunately, in rural and tiny villages and towns, Americans had to travel many miles to their nearest Post Office, not even knowing whether there was any mail waiting for them. The estimate in 1890 was that 41 million Americans or 65% of the population li...


  • Sisters Day

    Aug 3

    For all our sisters, this special day, on the first Sunday of August, is for our biological sisters, our half-sisters, our sister-in-laws and those we think as our sister. As you work on your family tree you do want to include all your sisters, your parents' sisters (your aunts) plus any other generations back you can find the names and i...