family tree

  • Google – History as Illustrated

    Aug 23

    Being able to identify some of the notable historical events in America and the world can really add to your family history. It helps to have a basic overview of some of those major historical events along with available illustrations and photos. Google has done that with its Historical Events page. There are three different methods to search a...


  • Masonic Records

    Aug 19

    Often overlooked resources are Masonic records. Many of your ancestors may have been members of a local Masonic Lodge in their hometown. The Masonic Lodge has been a staple organization in many local communities for decades. This organization includes the ladies, who are members of the Order of the Eastern Star (men can also belong to the East...


  • Did You Ask That??

    Aug 15

    Yes, you have interviewed family members, asked the questions about their birth, marriage, schooling, military service, hometown, but there may be a few special questions you didn't think to ask, especially those that only that relative could answer. Here is a sampling of many lesser asked questions but ones that can have some interestin...


  • Rural-Free Delivery

    Aug 5

    Americans in large towns and cities had been receiving their mail at home since 1863. Unfortunately, in rural and tiny villages and towns, Americans had to travel many miles to their nearest Post Office, not even knowing whether there was any mail waiting for them. The estimate in 1890 was that 41 million Americans or 65% of the population li...


  • Sisters Day

    Aug 3

    For all our sisters, this special day, on the first Sunday of August, is for our biological sisters, our half-sisters, our sister-in-laws and those we think as our sister. As you work on your family tree you do want to include all your sisters, your parents' sisters (your aunts) plus any other generations back you can find the names and i...


  • Parallel Storyline

    Aug 1

    To make a family story on a family branch or an individual you need to weave into the narrative a special aspect, you need to add some drama to the family story. It can be based on select places, buildings, technology, historical events, famous people, events in a community or new inventions. Basically, you need to add what was developing in...


  • Positive Advantages to Researching Your Ancestors

    Jul 23

    You might have started doing family history for your own personal reasons or because you were asked to do so by a family member. Generally, it is just one or two in a generation willing to do the work of documenting the past relatives and the living ones. That documenting include locating any aspects of an ancestor's life to highlight it...


  • Can Do

    Jul 15

    Need some ideas of simple but very useful things to add to your family history research, well here are a few suggestions. Recheck your 'To-Do List', add or subtract what you have written. You can have a a list for short activities plus a list for long-term projects. Continue to sort your collection of family photos / negatives or slides....


  • Inherited Traits

    Jul 13

    As most know, especially using now DNA testing, ancestors were from a certain part of the world carried in their genes certain generic traits that could have been inherited by you. Of course, it doesn't mean you're guaranteed to have the same traits common to that region where your ancestors came from. Plus it not just behavioral and physical trai...


  • ID Civil War Photos

    Jul 9

    You might be one of the fortunate family history researchers who has a photo of an ancestor who served during the American Civil War (1861-1865). I'm saying a photo of them in uniform either just before they entered, during service or immediately after discharge. You might have photos of that ancestor years later, but it is just not the same as...