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  • Philadelphia Prison Records

    May 25

    Eastern State Penitentiary, very large, was built over a number of years (1822-1836). Eastern State Penitentiary Admissions Books A and B for certain years has now been digitized. Book A covers prisoners' name, crime, sentence length, place of origin, race/ethnicity, time in and time out, and comments on moral and educational condition. Some also ...


  • An Ancestor’s Cause of Death

    May 21

    You have gotten several relatives official death certificates. Of special interest would be what was written for the person's cause of death. What might be written can be hard to read or even difficult to know what it is. What you may have missed is a special number that comes from the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), or the Interna...


  • Tell Your Mom’s Story

    May 17

    Did you spend a nice day with your mother on Mother's Day? One of the easiest relatives to document and tell their life story would be your mother. Not all individuals of course, but most will have their mother still alive or recently passed (using another person) making it easier to get their story. Start by making notes of what you do know alrea...


  • The Gift of a Family Tree

    May 17

    Genealogists know that a person's family tree is an incredibly important piece of their family story. It can be difficult to put together, especially for people who are African-American. The records that are accessible tend to stop at around 1870. As such, one can imagine how special it was for a Congresswoman to receive her five-generation fami...


  • Georgia Confederate Muster Rolls

    May 15

    The State of Georgia Archives has made available online their Civil War Confederate Muster Rolls. In the search box at the top, you can place a surname and a list of digital muster rolls will appear with the Battalion, Regiment, and Unit along with the full date of that listing. Muster rolls are listing of those soldiers in the unit as of the date ...


  • What Your Mom and Grandmother Weren’t Allowed

    May 13

    Our female ancestors worked to earn their right to vote during the suffrage movement of 1800s into early 1900s, before the constitutional amendment was finally passed in 1920. Yet females were still faced with oppression over the years, even during the 1950s into early 1970s. So your own mother and grandmother had to deal with certain things they w...


  • What You Can Learn from Old Photos of Your Mother

    May 12

    Your view of your mother, and who she is, was based upon your experiences in early childhood. As you grew, the relationship between you and your mother probably changed at least a little bit. This is part of growing up. What many people forget is that their mothers had a life before they became a mom. There are several things you can learn from old...


  • Civil War Pension Files and Letters

    May 11

    Two very important documents, if you have any for an ancestor during the American Civil War, would be their military pension file and any letters they wrote back home. The following is a good example of both in helping to tell the final days of one American, Wesley Wagoner in 1863. The 76th Pennsylvania infantry regiment along with four companie...


  • V-E Day – Did You Know?

    May 9

    There are many people today who have no idea what 'V-E Day' means. However, back 72 years to 1945, everyone around the globe knew what 'V-E Day' meant. Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day) commemorates the end of fighting in Europe during World War II. After years of war, since 1939, the Third Reich of Nazi Germany was defeated. Millions of people had ...


  • Using Facebook

    May 5

    Social Media is everywhere; Facebook, Twitter, and emails are a major part of everyone's life today. Use that method of communication to help you in your own family research. Where else can you network with groups of people from around the world and talk about family history, whenever you want? There are many, many, groups and pages on Facebook. ...