family tree

  • A Common Family Surname

    Mar 21

    Doing family research if you just happen to have several very common, proliferate surnames can prove to be a challenge. I just came across a not so proliferate individual's given and surname for the 1940s-1960s – that of Walter Ashley – and I just discovered there were two of these gentlemen living within 50 miles of each other and approximatel...


  • You Found a Possible Ancestor in the US Census

    Mar 9

    You are going over a census record – 1860, 1880, 1900 or any other and you spot a name of someone who could be a relative. They might not be living with other known family members with the same name but rather was a 'boarder' or living with other family members with a different surname. To check you have the right person do the following. Revie...


  • Falsehoods in Genealogy

    Mar 7

    Whether you are new to doing your family history research or been at awhile, you do need to be careful and not assume all items, information, records are 100% accurate. There can be falsehoods you should be aware of. Here are just a few. One of the most important records in the US Federal Censuses. For the first time (and what would later turn out...


  • New Collection of Databases

    Feb 27

    A big collection of newspapers from across the state of Georgia are now available from the Digital Library of Georgia. These are search-able articles which can be viewed free online from the Georgia Historic Newspapers database. With nearly 54,000 pages of newspaper articles going from 1780s to more recent times – 1990s. The dates vary on the reg...


  • Peculiar Connects with Our Ancestors

    Feb 25

    There is more to your family tree than the collection of names, dates, and locations. Of course, there are the stories and tales that go with each and every one of your ancestors. What can be really fascinating is when you find some peculiar connects over the decades to the family lineage. For example, you might find that every major military war ...


  • Finding Forgotten Photos

    Feb 17

    You can get frustrated when trying to locate any images of some of your ancestors. You have checked with other relatives, to see what they have, but you may need to go beyond. Unfortunately, people cleaning out estates sold off vintage family photo albums. Using the online site 'Lost Faces' may be of some assistance. They have collected many vinta...


  • Order Your Ancestor’s Social Security Application

    Feb 13

                          Often forgotten to acquire for your vital records' files on members of your ancestral family are those who did fill out an application for Social Security Card in the United States. In the mid-1930s when Social Security was first instituted, many adult men and women signed up for this innovative retirement income a...


  • To Join the General Society of Mayflower Descendants

    Jan 31

    What a concept … if you find some possible ancestors who could link back to the Mayflower passengers, what an achievement. The original Pilgrims who arrived in Massachusetts on November 9, 1620, their descendants could be one of your ancestors. Even better, there is still time to join the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (more commonly kn...


  • Recent ‘Black Sheep’

    Jan 21

    Some people are afraid when they do their family history they will come across a 3rd great grandfather who was a horse thief or a deserter from the Army. Yes, you never know what may have happened during your ancestors' lives on the family tree. But is nothing to be scared of, it was that relative for whatever reason had the problem ... not you. Wh...


  • Knowledge of Grandparents’ Names

    Jan 15

    Even if a person were not a family history researcher, you might guess that everyone could provide the first and last name for their grandparents. From a recent survey conducted by, it appears approximately 1/3 of Americans can not name their grandparents. In America's total 2018 population of 326,766,748 that is approximately 100,000 ...