family tree

  • Write About Your Hometown

    May 9

    You all have hometown, growing up as a child memories. These memories play an important role in your family history stories. Even if you moved frequently, chances are that the towns and cities of your past still have a special place in your heart. As you look back, write about your hometown memories. The following are some ideas on how to...


  • Origins of Sayings

    May 7

    Many sayings or expressions used today had a reason for the saying in its beginning. Our ancestors did just say the phrase, it really meant something. See if any of the following you are familiar with and especially if you recall a relative or ancestor using the phrase. Include it and its origin in the family history. There is 'rub you...


  • Motivation

    May 3

    Whether you are just starting or having been doing the family history research for years, you might be asked … “What is the reason you are researching your family?” In other words .. your motivation. Of course, everyone does have their own personal reasons but here are a few of the more common reasons. Many people want to know if there is s...


  • A Newbie to Family History Research

    May 1

    That could be describing you, a 'newbie', a beginner to working on gathering and researching your family lineage and to know about your ancestors. You can always welcome advice on the best approach to this awesome task of your family tree. First, have a plan of organization. You have to keep files on your computer and paper (hard copy) files as ba...


  • Hair Art

    Apr 21

    Known as 'hair art' it has been a form of art that began in the 16th century or earlier, and flourished in the Victorian era (1800s). It was used by people wanting to keep a memento of a loved one before the invention of photography. Hair art originated in England and France and then made its way to the United States. This form of art can take the ...


  • Writing Ideas about your Ancestors

    Apr 19

    Trying to write a complete – total family history can be quite a bit. If able to do, go for it, that will be treasured by you, present relatives and future generations. But if doing a full and complete family history is too much now, here are some ideas for some shorter family story ideas. Write about some of the family legends or tales and if y...


  • Camphor Glass Jewelry

    Apr 13

    You may have seen photos of some of your female ancestors wearing a piece of camphor glass jewelry or you might have inherited a piece, but did you know about this once very popular style of jewelry? Camphor glass is clear glass that has been treated with hydrofluoric acid vapors to give it a soft, lovely frosted, whitish appearance. This effect r...


  • Help to Identify Family Photos

    Apr 11

    Everyone has a collection of vintage family photos with no name, date or location on them. Some of the people pictured may have lived decades before anyone living today was even born. However, to help with some identification here are a couple of ideas. Number one is to check with some of your older living relatives. That includes all branches of ...


  • National Siblings’ Day

    Apr 9

    On Wed., April 10th, across the United States and even overseas, is recognized as 'Siblings' Day'. This special recognition started in 1998. Not just the present siblings you might have now, but also those who have passed away and do not forget to add the siblings of your parents (your aunts-uncles) and siblings of your grandparents. Each and every...


  • Scottish-American Heritage Month

    Apr 1

    During the month of April, it is recognized in the United States as 'Scottish-American Heritage Month'. Have you located any Scottish ancestors? If you do have Scottish ancestors, you can take pride in their many achievements over the years in the United States, and even those achievements made while in Scotland. Even if you do not have any Scott...