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  • Order Your Ancestor’s Social Security Application

    Feb 13

                          Often forgotten to acquire for your vital records' files on members of your ancestral family are those who did fill out an application for Social Security Card in the United States. In the mid-1930s when Social Security was first instituted, many adult men and women signed up for this innovative retirement income a...


  • To Join the General Society of Mayflower Descendants

    Jan 31

    What a concept … if you find some possible ancestors who could link back to the Mayflower passengers, what an achievement. The original Pilgrims who arrived in Massachusetts on November 9, 1620, their descendants could be one of your ancestors. Even better, there is still time to join the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (more commonly kn...


  • Recent ‘Black Sheep’

    Jan 21

    Some people are afraid when they do their family history they will come across a 3rd great grandfather who was a horse thief or a deserter from the Army. Yes, you never know what may have happened during your ancestors' lives on the family tree. But is nothing to be scared of, it was that relative for whatever reason had the problem ... not you. Wh...


  • Knowledge of Grandparents’ Names

    Jan 15

    Even if a person were not a family history researcher, you might guess that everyone could provide the first and last name for their grandparents. From a recent survey conducted by, it appears approximately 1/3 of Americans can not name their grandparents. In America's total 2018 population of 326,766,748 that is approximately 100,000 ...


  • New Year Baby

    Jan 1

    Many cultures recognize and celebrate when a baby is born on New Years Day – a new beginning – a new year. The symbol of an old man 'Father Time' representing the old year but a baby represents a new year – a fresh start. The concept started in 600 B.C. with the Greeks, though the early Egyptians can also be given credit for using a baby as ...


  • Finding a Female Ancestor’s Maiden Name

    Dec 17

    Not an easy task sometimes … locating a female's maiden name. It can be hard enough when a female was solely referred to by her husband's name (Mrs. Harry E. Wilson) – not given name even provided. So to assist in the search for a maiden name (her birth surname), here are a few suggestions: Check her death certificate, her husband's d...


  • Facial Recognition of Civil War Military

    Dec 7

    You might have a photo of an ancestor who served during the American Civil War taken years after they served in the 1860s. Wouldn't it be great to locate a photo of that ancestor in his uniform? It does cross-referencing to serve up a slate of possible matches and names. You need to try 'Civil War Photo Sleuth' whose purpose is to rediscover the l...


  • Journals

    Dec 1

    Journals are not just the written thoughts of an individual as you would think a diary is for sure. There have been many professional journals on all types of topics and time frames. Found on the online Internet Archives site, you have access to thousands of such journals, over 1.7 million. When researching your family, select topics such as their...


  • AKA – Nicknames

    Nov 27

    This is such a popular item in families today and has been for a number of decades, but not for forever. AKA – "Also known as", was used to introduce pseudonyms, aliases, nicknames, working names, legalized names, pen names, and maiden names. Now nicknames have really grown to be very popular. You need one as a Password online or video gaming....


  • Finding Other Family Members

    Nov 25

    One of the greatest assets for adding to your family history is locating any previously unknown family members – such as distant cousins. They just might be able to provide some information, documents, or photos previously unknown to you. It was common practice decades ago to communicate with all of one's family branches – share photos, send p...